Review Policy/Contact Us

written by Steph
Howdy!  If you have something you'd like to say to us but don't want to share it with the whole wide interworld, you can send us emails at: steph OR tony AT stephandtonyinvestigate DOT com (just pick the name of whichever person you'd like to send the email to and append it prior to the @ symbol... do not send it to stephORtony@..... because we won't get it!) As for accepting material of the bookish variety to review, we certainly will, provided we think the paper you're pushing sounds like a good fit for either one of us.  Of course, given the towering nature of our book stack, and the fact that our condo is TINY, we can't accept everything.  Generally speaking, we read and review literary fiction, but depending on the topic, certain non-fic titles might tickle our fancy (after all, Tony is reading a Pulitzer winning book on geology right now!), and at least one of us has nothing against sci-fi and fantasy books (we'll leave it to you to guess the person). To help you out, consider which of the following category your book falls into before offering it up to us.  If your book is in a category that falls near the bottom of this scale (bookometric?), then we're probably not going to accept.  We can't really give you a formula or algorithm to tell you what your chances are, only that if your book falls into the "Not Interested" category, the chance of us accepting it is 0.  From there on up, the curve might be linear or non-linear... we'd have to factor in variables like the book in question as well as our real life obligations to know for sure. Your best bet is to tell us what you'd like to send us (preferably with some kind of overview about the book), so that we can figure out if we're a match.  If you've spent some time browsing our archives, you should have a sense of the types of books we read, and equally important, the types of reviews we write.  Note that we always aim to give a book a fair shake, but we will also always be honest about our reactions and thoughts about the book.  And we do review everything we read whether we liked it or not (and our reviews will reflect whether we liked a book or not), so take heed!  After all, this is our personal site meant to record our personal reflections and musings. Interested
  • contemporary literary fiction
  • classic literary fiction (including foreign titles that are being published with new English translations)
  • science-fiction & fantasy
  • mysteries & thrillers
  • memoirs
  • short story collections/anthologies
  • non-fiction (preferably written in a more journalistic style, rather than text-book format)
  • YA
Not Interested
  • poetry
  • romance novels & chick lit
  • self-published
  • religious
If you have any questions, comments, or constructive compliments ( 😉 ), please feel free to contact us!