Who we are

written by Steph
Steph and Tony live in Nashville, TN. Steph is originally from Toronto, ON (Canada!?) and Tony is from Rochester, MN (almost Canada!!). They have two awesome dogs, Emmy Lou and Rory. Emmy Lou is a Staffordshire Terrier, maybe a mix with a lab, but no one really knows. She was a rescue from a kill shelter in Chattanooga. Rory is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi mixed with a pain in the ass. Not much more to tell there, although his adorable nature allows him some leeway with the locals. Steph is currently a Vanderbilt Graduate Student (and also writes book reviews professionally for BookPage, where she interns once a week)  and Tony is a Graphic/3D/Industrial Designer. Both are avid readers, listeners of music and video gamers (as avid as time allows). They both love to travel and can't wait to see as much of the world together as they possibly can. Steph is quite the chef and Tony is quite the sous chef. Tony used to be a professional photographer and dabbles in web design when time allows.