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2nd November
written by Tony
I got a new Macbook last week. Let's clarify: Steph bought me a new Macbook as my Birthday/Christmas present for the next 20 years. But before I go into more detail, let's get the ugly part of this out of the way: Hi, my name is Tony and I'm a graphic designer who has been PC only for the last six years. And I'm not ashamed. I've endured all the rhetoric and disinformation over the years from my fellow designers who couldn't comprehend working on anything other than a Mac (got it from fellow photographers as well). I always tried to be diplomatic, even magnanimous about the sometimes downright acidic flack I received. Some of it had merit (Mac displays, by and large, do display a slightly wider gamut of color and have better black detail, and you pay well for it too) and some of it didn't (Macs are always easier, PCs crash all the time, design programs work better on a Mac). I always maintained several things throughout any debate: The 17" Dell laptop was half the price of a 17" Macbook Pro. Yes, half. Actually a little less than half. And it was faster (once). It was also bigger, uglier and heavier. I never even tried to argue aesthetics though, no one can deny that Macs are prettier. A lot of designers don't like to say so, but that's a big reason Macs are so popular in our crowd. My last point (and this raised a lot of hackles) was that there is functionally no perceptible difference between running the Adobe suite on a PC and a Mac. Not for what I do at least. In fact, some aspects of working on a Mac (and I had logged hundreds of hours as a student) annoyed me, like not having a background behind your images. I mean really, how many times can you click onto the desktop accidentally when you're looking for a palette or just trying to deselect something. Not a big deal, I know, but still annoying. So, Tony (you ask) why buy (accept gratefully) a Macbook now? Sounds like I'm pretty averse to spending the extra money for pretty, right? Not really (I like pretty things quite a lot actually), and in any case my choice can be summed up in one word: Vista. That OS is a steaming turd and on that I will not change my mind. I liked XP. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but it was stable and easy. It wasn't beautiful to look at, but it was tolerable, and the functionality made up for a lot of the ugliness. Vista doesn't do anything better (isn't actually all that good looking, in my opinion), does a lot of things worse and sucks more system resources doing it. It was an exercise is frustration just trying to help my friend set up a wireless network. I mean, for crap's sake, a wireless network. This should have been plug and play pretty much, Oh, and Adobe doesn't support the 64 bit ultra expensive version either, so i can't even use more ram than in XP anyway. Brilliant. Annnnnnyway, getting to my point: I (we) got a Macbook off of Ebay, got a great deal and I love it. A lot. It's one of the Black ones, which are the prettiest in my opinion and it should keep me happy for a long time. Apple did a lot of things right with Leopard, it's fast and feels solid and reliable. So does the hardware (except the slot loading drive, but everyone knows Apple drives are crap). I don't feel bad about switching. Or not switching earlier. I've always liked Apple, I've also always formerly been quite monetarily conscious (read: poor). So what did I do to deserve such a wonderful gift from my excellent girlfriend? I really have no idea, to be honest. I must be pretty awesome though.

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  1. taryn

    Aww, you got the black one?? That’s totally the one that i claimed as mine (in my heart of hearts) when i went to go look at laptops last year, and realized that i couldn’t afford a Mac yet. So pretty!! So enjoy

    In other graphic news (though thankfully not of a graphic nature):
    * whatever font is used for comments here, it’s a major step up from Blogspot. Plus, not having to do those rEdiculous word verifications.
    * i can’t help but get the impression, everytime i glance at my webpage tabs, that your blog is sponsored by Volkswagen. Seriously. Think about it: big white “W” on a blue background? Someone needs to tell WordPress about this…

  2. taryn

    Aww great, so i totally clicked submit before finishing that. The end of the first paragraph should read:

    … So enjoy using the computer that i will ostensibly be referring to as “mine” 🙂

  3. Simona

    Welcome to the super-cool Mac crowd!

    I’d also like to publicly state my delight with your (proper) use of the word “magnanimous”. Well done, sir!

  4. Simona

    New thought now that I’ve successfully submitted my first comment: I was told by an error screen that both “Name” and “Mail” are required fields… wonder why WordPress doesn’t indicate them as such? Or is it just my browser?

  5. stephandtony

    Ha ha ha! Good one, Simona! We truly can judge someone’s merit based on whether he or she uses “magnanimous” correctly (and realizes that it doesn’t mean “big”).

    Not sure about the commenting thing, as Tony & I are perpetually logged in…

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