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27th January
written by Steph
Thin Crust Tortilla Pizza

Thin Crust Tortilla Pizza

When it comes to pizza, in my mind, the thinner the crust the better.  When Tony & I went to Chicago, we steered clear of their pies and instead focused on dim sum, since deep-dish really isn’t our thing.  But, I’m also not a baker, and we don’t even own a rolling pin, so making homemade dough is out of the question (also, would I be able to get it acceptably thin?).  Enter tortilla pizzas.  If you don’t mind a pizza that has a wafer thin crust, then this is just the thing for you.  These pizzas are quick to make, cheap, super easy, and can be completely customized to suit your pizza topping needs.  Below is a list of what we used to make our pizzas this weekend, but clearly you can add or remove things based on your personal preferences. Ingredients (for 1 pizza)
  • 1 burrito sized flour tortilla
  • pesto
  • sliced fresh mushrooms
  • thinly sliced red onion
  • fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced
  • balsamic vinegar
Notice the total lack of quantities for this recipe?  That’s because this is one I’m winging! Method 1.    Preheat oven to 450°F.  If you have a pizza stone, put it in there while the oven is heating.  You’ll want your rack to be in the middle position of the oven. 2.    Prepare pizza.  Take tortilla and spread a thin layer of pesto onto the crust, leaving about half an inch from the edge clear.  Garnish with slices of mushroom and red pepper.  Then place mozzarella slices on top.  Drizzle with balsamic vinegar (optional). 3.    Once oven is at correct temperature, place tortilla on pizza stone.  If you don’t have a pizza stone, that’s ok!  Just slide it onto a cookie tray! 4.    Bake for approximately 5 minutes.  Depending on your  oven, it might have to be in there for about 7 minutes, but surely no more than that.  Hover around the oven, and keep the light on to check on how its cooking.  You’ll want to see the edges beginning to brown so that your pizza has a nice crunch. 5.    Once tortilla looks appropriately crispy and crunchy, remove from oven and cut into quarters.  Enjoy!
Glamor Shot!

Glamor Shot!

Obviously this is just a guide to how I made the pizza this time, but you will be fine with whatever you choose to put on this thing.  I will note however, that this is best being one of those “sauceless” pizzas, that is, I’d recommend you limit to coating the tortilla with pesto, olive oil, or other spreads (perhaps an olive tapenade, if that’s your kind of thing) that aren’t excessively watery (like regular tomato sauce).  Otherwise your pizza might get soggy in the middle and that would be a shame.  Also, any kind of melting cheese would be great on this if you don’t have (or like) fresh mozzarella.  In the past we’ve used feta and blue cheese instead.  We tend to make these pizzas veggie based, but if you do want to use meat, I’d recommend precooking it due to the relatively short cooking time.  Other great topings: walnuts, pine nuts, red peppers, corn, sautéed eggplant and/or zucchini, apple…. And if you’re feeling very adventurous, you can actually crack an egg into the middle of the pizza (we’ve done this before when doing breakfast pizzas, that had bacon on them).  In this case you’ll want to have your rack placed higher in the oven, and will want to set your oven to broil for about a minute or two near the end (you’ll see the white of the egg bubble and set). This is a quick and easy meal that you can prepare in a jiffy for a snack, or even for a full meal (albeit, a lighter one)  if you accompany it with a nice side salad.  Just remember not to leave your pizza unattended until you’ve got the cooking time down, and you’ll be in for a treat!


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  2. taryn

    Hey Steph, if you ever make roast chicken this recipe would make good use of the little pieces/scrapings of meat left on the carcass at the end. Or some nice sausage (which you’d have to de-case and fry up beforehand). Also, i’d argue that it’s not actually a “sauceless” pizza because pesto is a sauce. But then again, i am argumentative….

    Also, your pizza doesn’t by chance come with wings on the side, does it?? 😉

  3. 01/30/2009

    Yeah, really it’s very adaptable and carnivore friendly, so long as you precook your meat.

    And yes, I know pesto is technically a sauce, but it’s more oily and essentially has an “olive oil” base so whatever. The main thing is to not put soggy really wet things on these pizzas because otherwise they’ll make the crust also soggy & wet, which is not how anyone likes pizza!

    Oooh, I do have a recipe for wings, but I haven’t made it for ages. When I do, I’ll share it with you.

  4. 01/02/2011

    January 2,2011
    Just finished eating……I used the large green herb flour tortilla with pesto and mozzarella. With the other, I used olive oil, thinly sliced red peppers and onions and topped it off with some mozzarella and the balsamic vinegar…. The pizza stone truly is the trick….
    Both were great..thanks so much for all your suggestions…

  5. 01/03/2011

    @ Daryl: So glad that this pizza worked out for you! It’s so simple and very versatile, and it sounds like your toppings were delicious!

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