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24th January
written by Steph
Voting for the Zombie Round entrants for the annual Tournament of Books is open. If you're better informed about this year's books that are up for the rooster prize (or even if you're not but just like to vote for things), you can click on this link and cast your vote for whichever book you thought was best. Voting closes on Jan 26th (I think), so if you do plan to cast your vote, time is running out!  I'm not sure why the folks over at The Morning News have decided to have voting finish so far before the tournament, but them's the breaks. I don't think I'll vote because I haven't read anything off of the list so far that I would like to see win.  However, I'll point out that voting entails you filling out a brief questionnaire, during which you can offer ideas about what you'd like to see incorporated into future ToBs.  So perhaps for that reason, it would be worthwhile to randomly select a book and hope that I wind up liking it.  All I ask is this: Please don't vote for A Partisan's Daughter. That is all.

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