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19th January
written by Steph
Devoted readers, Steph & Tony Investigate! has decided to hit the big time! In order to allow this vanity project to spiral completely out of control, and so we can customize our site exactly as we wish (or at least to the best of Tony’s CSS abilities), we’ve gone ahead and set up our own hosting, complete with a shiny new URL. But one that’s easy to remember, if not a handful to type. Please update your bookmarks (contained in little black books, naturally) or links to our new page: But, of course, if you're reading this, you already know that because, well, you're already here! As a treat, the site has undergone a bit of makeover (see clip below!) as well. New site, new look, but all of the great content you’ve come to adore (“great” being a relative term, that might in fact just refer to the lengths of our posts…)!   Let us know what you think! P.S.  We bear no responsibility for the strong likelihood that after clicking the YouTube video below you will have the "Makeover" song stuck in your head for a good long while.


  1. Eva

    Love the new site! 🙂

  2. 01/20/2009

    Nice new site!

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