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12th January
written by Tony
That's pretty funny, Wesley.

That's pretty funny, Wesley.

Last week I watched season one of Clone High. It was not  a mistake, Wesley (see, you have to be cool to get that joke!). This little gem has been kicking around our apartment for quite some time now, so at Steph’s suggestion I decided to give it a whirl. Why this show only made it through one season is a mystery to me. I suppose, like all truly funny shows, it was destined to fail. I mean, look at Arrested Development. That show was pure brilliance, and yet it didn’t make it. I suppose Family Guy did get a reprieve, but there are a lot of people (Steph) who will tell you it isn’t, and never was, funny, and I’ll admit that the new episodes are a bit self indulgent. So I guess my theory holds – anything that is actually funny does not survive in this world. Tangent aside, this is a seriously funny show. Some of the humor is a little low-brow, which is okay sometimes, though at other times it wears a little thin. But, overall, there are more than enough hilarious moments to make up for the few slow bits. On to the premise: The show follows a group of students, who are clones of famous historical figures, through high school. So the name is a bit obvious, granted. Our heroes Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, and Joan of Arc, are offset by a rogues’ gallery consisting of JFK, Cleopatra, and various other bit parts (Catherine the Great, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, etc.) who kind of fall on either side of the protagonist/antagonist shtick. The whole school is run by Cinnamon J. Scudworth and his robot butler Lynn Butlertron (robot butler won huge points with me right off the bat, easily my favorite character) who, in turn, are controlled by the Board of Shadowy Figures. Overall the voice acting is excellent and expressive and in many cases is so good that it makes the joke funnier than the writing alone. Based on the way the first, and only, season ends, I was dismayed to find out that the show is on “hiatus” and has been since 2003. Again, why this show didn’t make it totally eludes me. Let’s look at other MTV shows that were carried for more than one season: Beavis and Butthead. This show can be funny, though not nearly as witty as Clone High, or a lot of things for that matter. Cribs. Come on. Cribs. It’s a show where celebrities' managers rent houses and cars for them so that they look like they are ballin’. Or ballers. I don't know which is better (or correct). The Hills. Pimp My Ride (I hate you Xzbit. You and your face). Spring Break. Kill me now. Granted, Clone High did run in Canada before it was seen in the states, but apparently it was too funny for them as well. So, I don’t know where to go from here. I really hate MTV for the most part (i remember when they played music, actual music, on MTV during prime time no less. We had to walk uphill, through snow, both ways to see it, too.) but I really like Clone High. Go watch it, you’ll enjoy it. If you don’t, I’m sure that there are some reruns of Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica on MTV27 right now, right after Xzbit and his wacky chop-shop buddies get done putting 32” plasma TVs on some lucky viewer’s hood. I know I’d love to have MTV sink $30,000 into my 1986 Eagle station wagon while not actually overhauling any major mechanical components. So glad MTV knows where to spend its money.


  1. Ben

    I remember this show, it was one after 3 south another MTV hidden jem that ran for one season. Its even had flaming lips in the title sequence, I think MTV makes these shows just to show it can, but it doesn’t want to.

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