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12th May
written by Steph
Bingo has been around for quite a few centuries, yet its appeal never really lost its glister. With humble origins from a small game in a little town in Italy to a national craze in several European countries and the United States, bingo’s status as a global pastime has already been long cemented. However, some people still cannot explain the timeless appeal that captivated yesterday’s and today’s (and most likely tomorrow’s) moms into storming bingo halls with their daubers and bingo bags. So why is there a shift in the demographical range of bingo players? Despite the harsh stereotype that women who suffer from midlife crisis' only play bingo, an Arizona gaming facility found something different. According to Casino Arizona bingo director Eric Ramsey, they are seeing younger crowds joining the ranks of middle-aged women participating in bingo. “Bingo has remained popular as the Baby Boomers age, but we are seeing a real growth in popularity offering our late-night games to younger crowds. We usher them through the same process to get to know the game, but in an even friendlier environment that they are familiar with. It allows us to be more creative and make our gaming facility stand out,” Ramsey said. Because of the shift in the demographical target of bingo games, both brick-and-mortar bingo halls and online bingo portals are changing the way they communicate with their audience. Just recently, Marketing Magazine UK reported that the British bingo portal Cheeky Bingo spent millions of pounds to launch six TV ads as well as a relentless social media campaign through its Twitter account, @CheekyBingo. According to them, the online bingo website is trying to extend its reach to younger players. In the end, it may be the simplicity of the game, or probably the social element presented by the bingo game; maybe it’s the prizes, but does it really matter? What matters is that the reports of bingo’s death are greatly exaggerated—and the older generation is finally passing over the torch to a new generation of bingo fanatics.

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