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22nd November
written by Steph
Thank you to all of you who stopped by to celebrate our blogiversary with us, whether it was simply to wish us well, suggest a book we should read, or suggest a book you would like us to buy you. This time around, I didn't avail myself of magic (unless you consider random probability magical), but instead entered all people who commented suggesting a book they'd like to win into a numbered list like so: And then I went to and this is what happened:

Which means that the winner of our third blogiversary giveaway is Katie B!!! And as a result, a copy of The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters will be making its way to her, while a different copy of it will make its way to me & Tony. I have to say that all of the books that were suggested sounded fantastic (and I even found out about a few new books in the process), so you've all given me plenty of food for thought when it comes to picking future reads. And of course, I'm guaranteed to be reading at least one Sarah Waters title come 2012. Thanks so much for stopping by our little corner of the blogging world (we know you're busy too!), and here's to another year of fun!


  1. 11/22/2011

    Congrats to Katie B! And I’m excited that you’ll be reading this one 😀

  2. 11/22/2011

    Fine. Let me read Game of Thrones all by myself. Hmph.


    Congrats to Katie B! Looking forward to reading your thoughts on this one…

  3. 11/22/2011

    Oh The Little Stranger is a good one, with a lot to discuss. Congrats to Katie!

  4. 11/23/2011

    Happy blogiversary and congratulations to Katie B!

  5. 11/23/2011

    I am sure she will enjoy this one – its a great book. Congrats on the ‘versary

  6. Congrats Katie 🙂 I’ve actually bought The Little Stranger last week during the Bookdepository’s 24 Hours Sale. It would be great if you could let me know when you’re planning to start it. I could tag along as well!

  7. 11/23/2011

    Congratulations to your winner! She picked a great book for you as well! I have this one and have been meaning to read it for some time now. Glad you will get the chance soon!

  8. Sharkell

    Congrats Katie, I loved Fingersmith by Sarah Waters and would like to read some more of hers. I look forward to your review, Steph.

  9. JoV

    Darn, so close and yet so far! 🙂 Congrats Katie. I have read the book.

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