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12th November
written by Steph

This photo may have actually been taken months ago during a trip to Arrington Vineyards, but with the addition of party hats, you'd never know!

It seems like Tony and I are making it something of a tradition to forget our actual blogging birthday until about a week after it has past. So while S&TI! turned a whopping three years old on Nov 2nd, we are keeping up our pattern of neglect for this year and just remembered that now.

I know we haven't been around as much this year as either of us would like (life has been so busy), so we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you have have stuck with us and continue to make blogging so fun. Whether you've been with us from the beginning or just found us a few weeks ago, we really love it when you take time out of your busy days to let us know that you like what we're doing or even just to say hi. So thank you, thank you, thank you! To keep with the tradition we started three years ago now, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all with something more than mere words. So, we're offering one lucky commenter the chance to pick up a new book on our dime. BUT this year there is a TWIST! Normally, we always ask you to go through our archives and pick a book that we've read that you would also like to read, and if you win, we will send you said book. To shake things up, here's what we're proposing: instead of limiting yourself to books we've read, instead we'd like you to pick a book that we HAVE NOT read but that you would also like to read. Leave us a comment telling us why you think we should read this book (or why you would like to read it), and if we pick your comment (via a random number generator OR via magic; I'm open to either option), then we will buy ourselves a copy of the book of your choosing AND send you one as well. We further promise that we will read and review this book on our blog sometime in the 2012 year - if you'd like to do a joint review of some kind, we're certainly open to that, but if you'd just like us to read it and do our thing while you do yours, that's cool too. We can sort out those details later. So to recap: 1) Pick a book that you would like to read that we HAVE NOT already read and reviewed (you can check out our archives here to see if a book's been covered on the site). You can of course use this as an opportunity to force us to read something you think we will hate for a maximally grumpy review (which you all seem to like), but remember, you'll be getting a copy of the book too! 2) If you live outside of the United States, check The Book Depository website and make sure that the book you want is available there AND that your home country can be shipped to (and since The Book Depository essentially ships everywhere on the planet, that means this giveaway is open worldwide!). If you live in the U.S., you have the added option of picking a book via Amazon. 3) Comment on this post letting us know what book you are choosing and why. Comments will be accepted until MIDNIGHT on the evening of SUNDAY November 19th, 2011. So that's pretty much it. Put on your thinking (or party!) hats, let your imagination go wild and let us buy you a book! [P.S. Per usual, this post will be sticky until the end of this giveaway, so make sure you scroll down for new content!]


  1. 11/12/2011

    Happy blogoversary! Late! 😀

    I’m going to have to pass on the giveaway, because, um, I actually only know of four books at all that I want to read, and I either own them or have them out from the library. I’ve run to the end of my virtual and physical TBR, so I have nothing to suggest! From here on out, I’m pretty much going to be picking books on a whim, which is a nice feeling after being overwhelmed by my TBR for a couple years. 😀

  2. Happy bloggy birthday! Yours is still one of my faves, whether you’re here or at BookPage. I am inundated with unread books at the moment, so I’ll also pass on the giveaway (though I thank you for the generosity) but am indeed glad you plan to give the Miss Silver books a try. 🙂

  3. JoV

    Happy Blogoversary!!! I have so many books I haven’t read and don’t know where to start but off the top of my head because I’m reading a Murakami now, I would like you and me to read 1Q84!! I know it’s a 3-book series but lets start with the first book. 🙂

  4. 11/13/2011

    Happy Blogiversary! I love the picture, and think you should rerun it for New Year’s! I would like to propose you read “To Be Sung Underwater” by Tom McNeal. It is a book I totally loved in spite of a dysfunctional family, and has one of the most original and affecting endings of any book I’ve read. And I’ve already read it so I don’t need to win it! :–)

  5. 11/13/2011

    Congrats on the blog anniversary. No giveaway entry for me, but I just wanted to say I’m always happy to see your posts 🙂

  6. 11/13/2011

    Happy Blogoversary! I am so glad that you are still going strong and that your posts continue to be just as wonderful and effervescent as they always have been. I so appreciate you guys!

  7. 11/13/2011

    Your shared silliness and obvious love for one another always makes me happy to hang around here. Oh that, and your smart observations about the bookish. Happy, happy Bloggy Birthday!

  8. Eva

    Happy blogiversary! 😀

  9. Katie B

    Happy anniversary!

    I would propose that we read The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. I loved Fingersmith when I read it a few years ago, and could never guess the plot direction, however hard I tried! While I know your opinion of Tipping the Velvet was a little mixed, I think she might deserve another chance. I have heard great things about this book and think it would make a timely read given it’s spookiness. I would love to do a read-along if I am lucky enough to win!

    Many thanks,


  10. Congratulations on making it to 3!

    I love your giveaway idea! It was tricky chosing a book, but I’d love you to experience Chris Priest’s writing and so I’ll pick his new one, The Islanders, as I’d love to read along with you 🙂

  11. Happy blogiversary!

    I’d like for both of us to read “Sea of Poppies” by Amitav Ghosh. I’ve heard great things about it. It’s been on my wish-list since Eva’s glowing review over at A Striped Armchair.

  12. 11/14/2011

    No need to enter me either, but I wanted to wish you a very happy blogging anniversary! Here’s to many more years 😀

  13. 11/14/2011

    A belated post is deserving of belated wishes.

    Right? (Hey, I thought it made sense.)

    Have you read A Game of Thrones? If not, I think we need to give it a whirl.

  14. Sky

    I’m a relatively new reader…but wanted to wish you a happy blog birthday! How exciting!

    I suggest: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, which I would totally read with you. I was going to purchase it for my iPad, but then the reviews said it’s much better to have the actual book copy. I’m hoping you wouldn’t hate it, or maybe we both would hate it! Win-win, right?

  15. Sharkell

    Happy blog anniversary. I’ve been “following” you for a while but haven’t commented. I suspect there are many silent people like me who regularly visit. I would like to read “Fair Stood the Wind for France” by H E Bates after Kimbofo at Reading Matters listed it as her favourite so far in 2011.

  16. 11/17/2011

    Happy anniversary! How about Lynne Tillman’s Someday This Will Be Funny. I heard an interview with her that was intriguing. Cute picture of you two!

  17. What a fun and great idea. I have been wanting to read The Tigers Wife by Tea Obreht for some time now. Would love to consider a read a long with you!

    Happy Blogiversary!!!

  18. 11/20/2011

    I so want one of those hats.

  19. 11/21/2011

    Happy Blogiversary, Steph and Tony! I am late in commenting but I love giving book suggestions and so I can’t resist this 🙂 I checked your review archive and this book is not there. My recommendation is ‘Ex Libris’ by Anne Fadiman. My reasons for recommending it – it is a slim volume, it is a collection of essays each of which is around 6-7 pages long and each essay is a wonderful delight. It is a book on books and addresses all the topics that we booklovers like – like buying books from used bookstores, ‘dogearing’ books, merging our book collection with that of our spouse and other bookish topics. I think you will love it 🙂

  20. 12/01/2011

    Happy blogiversary, Steph and Tony! It also reminds me that it’s almost a year since you guys came visit San Francisco. I love the picture!
    I know it’s way past the deadline, but I’ll join in the fun. I would force you guys to read CROSSING TO SAFETY by Wallace Stegner, who is my new favorite author.

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