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12th September
written by Steph
Along with not being a very good book blogger of late, I've also not been a very good food blogger for even longer. I'd hate for you guys to think that part of why I've not been updating often is because I've stopped eating and have wasted away into a husk of my former self. So not the case! While my cooking has backslid a bit due to the combination of stress and exhaustion related to school and life, I do still try to cook a few big meals each week. You guys know that I tend to eschew recipes, so as much as I loved sharing what I was making here on S&TI! it was always a pain for me to write my meals up like recipe posts. Instead, I'd much rather just snap a picture to document a meal well-made and share links to recipes that inspired the dish and maybe jot down a few notes about things I did to make the food my own. So, I've started up a Tumblr food site where I'm going to document my culinary adventures without the pressure of being useful to anyone but myself! However, the pictures are pretty (thanks Tony!) and as much as I'm doing this to create a little visual compendium of things I should remember to cook more than once, I'm hoping other cooks and eaters out there will find it inspiring and maybe even a little helpful. To me cooking isn't about rules or following the leader, so I'm hoping this more free-form approach will be a better fit for me. Anyway, continuing our trend of starting blogs inspired by things that are said on The Office (trivia time: the UK version inspired the name of this blog!), you can now check out what Tony and I have been stuffing our faces with over at You Should Put Your Mouth On This. It's still a bit anemic and I have no idea about how to comments work over on Tumblr, but I suspect these things will develop in time. [Edited to add that I decided to stop being lazy and figured out how to use Disqus to enable comments over at YSPYMOT. So now you can comment on individual meals should you so choose! Let us all bow down to my mad blogging skillz! 😉 ] Image of Put your mouth on that


  1. Yum! That corn soup looks delicious – I’m craving it right now!

  2. 09/12/2011

    I can never figure out how to interact with Tumblr so I’ll leave a comment here – love those pictures! They look professional! And they all sound good except for the pork belly which I’ll admit is too overtly animal-ish for me!

  3. 09/12/2011

    Oh, this is such a good idea, and I am going to have to check it out. You really are one of the most inspiring cooks I have ever come across, so I will be glad to see more on this subject from you!

  4. 09/12/2011

    @ Jackie: I have no idea if corn is in season in the UK (I would imagine it must be as your weather is so similar to Canada/Northern U.S.), but if so, you simply must make a batch of this soup! Now is really the perfect time to do so… I am hard-pressed to think of something more scrumptious than summer corn!
    @ rhapsody: I know that pork belly sounds kind of freaky, but just think about the fact that this is the part of the pig that is normally used for bacon! That’s not so bad, is it? And really, pork belly just tastes like the very best pork roast you’ve ever had!
    @ zibilee: As you can see, I haven’t updated tons since I started this new little project, but I hope to really focus on cooking more rather than opting to eat out, so hopefully I’ll be able to update 3 – 4 times a week. I hope it does inspire others!

  5. 09/12/2011

    Following! 😀

  6. I’m so impressed with people who really, really cook.

    I’m a super picky eater (who knew?!), so I have a few standard dishes and that’s it. It really makes me angry, and I try to branch out, but I also have a finicky stomach. The two do not pair nicely. Ah well, I’ll look at the pretty pics of what you cook.

    And that stuffed zucchini with polenta? I need to try. I’ve never made polenta. Is it difficult?

  7. 09/12/2011

    Eueueu, thanks for ruining bacon for me! LOLOL

  8. Kathleen

    I should not have looked at those pictures so close to dinner time. The photos are gorgeous and the food looks so good!

  9. 09/13/2011

    I’m almost never on tumblr, but I will be better about it now so I can follow along and comment and stuff!

  10. Oh, yummy!!! Foods blogs are so dangerous…

  11. 09/13/2011

    @ Amanda: Yay! I know you’ve been trying to cook more meals and also use lots of whole foods and up your veggie intake so I hope I can be of assistance! I have some wonderful vegetarian dishes on the horizon!
    @ jenn: It’s funny because some of my friends from college still insist that I can’t possibly cook since I never really did so very much as an undergrad, but once I moved to a different country from my mother, I had to learn to fend for myself… Now 7 years later, here we are!
    Also, polenta is not at all difficult to make. I actually used corn grits (I think polenta may just be a fancy Italian word for the same), and they cooked up in about 5 minutes. You just have to stir them so they don’t get lumpy, but otherwise they’re about as easy as cooking gets!
    @ rhapsody: I really didn’t think bacon could be ruined! That’s the only reason I pointed out the belly = bacon thing! 😉
    @ Kathleen: I always find myself looking at food blogs during the day while I’m taking a break and regret it because it makes me soooo hungry!
    @ Audra: I pretty much go on Tumblr to upload food pictures and write a few words and that’s it! I haven’t really figured out this whole “following” thing… must look into that!
    @ Pam: Food blogs are probably my biggest inspiration! Without them, I think I’d be a far more boring cook!

  12. 09/17/2011

    I love this idea. I’m bad at keeping up with Tumblr, but I’m following you now! A quick scan through the posts and I’m already drooling. Yummmmm…

  13. 09/19/2011

    @ Erin: Until I started YSPYMOT (which I only did so because I’d heard that Tumblr was perfect for doing things like posting a picture or two and that’s it), I pretty much knew nothing about Tumblr and did not even know what it meant to follow people… I am learning!

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