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5th April
written by Steph

Decisions, decisions...

Kim over at Reading Matters graciously asked me to take part in Triple Choice Tuesday, in which bloggers highlight three books (a favorite book, a book that changed their life, and a book that deserves a wider audience). I was so chuffed to be asked to take part and agonized over my choices (obviously). I wound up picking three novels I've not really covered on this site (one was a BookPage review, the others, alas, were read pre-blogging), so there are some pearls for long-time S&TI! readers. Want to know what my choices are? Click this link to find out! I'd love to know what you think of my selections.


  1. Laura

    HAHA!! I LOVE that you mention the origin of your Grammar Warden title! Fabulous. I will never ever forget that. I wish I’d taken a picture of you sitting there correcting those comments…

  2. 04/05/2011

    I hadn’t given Robert Penn Warren’s novel much thought, but your admiration of it gives me pause. Oh, how long is the mental list of books that I’ve mistakenly overlooked! ::scribbles in notebook::

  3. 04/06/2011

    I’ve just been directed to your blog from Kims post *waves* and already had a poke around your blog (which is fab so far). Nice to “meet” you and I’ll be back 🙂

  4. 04/06/2011

    Loved reading those tidbits about you – Grammar Warden 🙂 And now I have three titles to add to my TBR list. Cheers!

  5. 04/06/2011

    Very nice choices there, and I was glad to see that there were a couple that were new to me as well. Great job, Grammar Warden!

  6. Awesome! I haven’t read The Rehearsal but clearly, I need too.

  7. 04/08/2011

    @ L’Ell: I think I need a button or something proclaiming my Grammar Warden status! And I’m sure that the next time I encounter a guestbook I’ll be whipping out the red pen again, so there will be plenty of opportunities to catch me in action! 😀
    @ BuriedInPrint: Most of the times I don’t know any of the titles that are featured on 3T, so I know all too well the feeling of the TBR list spiraling out of control…
    @ The Book Whisperer: Hello! Thanks for introducing yourself! Look forward to hearing more from you in the future!
    @ Nadia: Maybe I should have called this site “The Grammar Warden” instead?
    @ zibilee: I saw you mention that you haven’t read The Rehearsal – I really think you should because I’m sure you’d love it! But also ATKM… so good!
    @ Pam: Yes, The Rehearsal is so good. I loved it! I want to re-read it soon…

  8. 04/18/2011

    Good to see GGM had that much impact on you, Steph!

  9. 04/19/2011

    @ kiss a cloud: I can truly say that when I first read One Hundred Years, I had never read anything like it. Such an amazing book..

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