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11th February
written by Steph

Indiespensible #24

After a short delay due to the last-minute decision to include a galley in this installment, Indiespensible #24 is now in my hands! The featured book this month is Hannah Pittard's debut novel, The Fates Will Find Their Way, which tells the story of a girl who goes missing on Halloween night. Given that its told from the perspective of a group of young boys, I am immediately reminded of The Virgin Suicides, so I'll be interested to see how Pittard uses this iconic form of a narrator and makes it her own.

Also included was a snazzy Powell's mug, those weird interview cards that Powell's so loves to include, and an advance reader's copy of Ten Thousand Saints by Eleanor Henderson. According to Powell's, this is a highly anticipated novel, but I am not too proud to admit that I hadn't heard of it when it showed up along with my other goodies. The special edition box containing Pittard's book is extraordinarily lovely and definitely whets my appetite for the book itself. What are you waiting for? Isn't it about time that you treated yourself to an Indiespensible subscription?


  1. 02/11/2011

    Every time I see these posts I want so badly to join the party and start getting my own packages, so I am really going to have to consider this at some point. You got a lot of great stuff there!

  2. 02/11/2011

    The cards are weird. I love the interviews but it’s definitely an odd format. I guess I need to repurpose a recipe book for them or something?

    As to the special edition box, I found it kind of funny that this month’s explainer paper gave a shout-out to the “talented designer” who creates them. I mean, they’re all nice to have and classy looking, but all six that I have replicate the design of the cover. So I’m not sure where Lenore’s sense of design comes into it aside from color selection (and three of the six I have are black). Maybe there’s something that I’m missing?

    Now that I’ve bitched and moaned, I should make it clear that I love Indiespensable.

  3. 02/11/2011

    Okay, that sounds like an awful lot of fun. How exciting to get a package with such cool things in it! I’m tempted!

  4. 02/11/2011

    Love the mug! I’m pouting because I’ve done Indiespensible four times, and I have yet to get a cool mug. Evidently, loyalty pays off. πŸ˜‰

  5. 02/12/2011

    @ zibilee: Do it! Do it! I know you would love this program! πŸ˜€
    @ Trisha: I never really thought about the design of the boxes, since both Freedom and The Wilding had pretty plain boxes. This is the only one that I actually felt had some design, though you are right that it is pretty much just the cover of the book. I did like the faux leather detailing on the box, though!
    @ Dorothy: I do love the extra little goodies each month… you just never know what surprise will be waiting for you!
    @ softdrink: I hate to rub it in but this is only my fourth Indiespensible package and now I have a mug!

  6. 02/12/2011

    (laughing) Those of us receiving these are becoming such shameless Indiespensible pimps! Mine has not arrived yet but you and Victoria both have me watching for deliveries. Great photo!

  7. I like the special case for the book. Seeing your posts always makes me want to join πŸ™‚

  8. that’s it. i’m going to sign up. i hope it won’t break the bank!!! πŸ™‚ the mug sold me.

  9. JoV

    Tell me more! is this only applicable in the States?

  10. 02/13/2011

    Wow! Fun stuff. I haven’t ordered anything from Powell’s before but know it’s a favorite amongst book bloggers. Will have to check it out!

  11. 02/13/2011

    @ Frances: I know! I never thought I would be someone who peer-pressured and flogged goods on my blog, but Indiespensible has proved so enjoyable I just really want to spread the love!
    @ Kim: As Trisha mentioned in her comment, the special cases are not always that special, but in this case I thought it was a real eye-catcher.
    @ nat: Why is a “free” mug always infinitely better than any mug we might go out and buy ourselves?!? Strange but true!
    @ JoV: It’s not only applicable in the States – there’s an extra $12 fee for shipping outside of the U.S., but when you think of how big the parcels normally are, that $12 seems fair enough. I have never regretted the $40 I pay for each installment!
    @ Trish: Apart from Indiespensible, I’ve not ordered anything from Powell’s. BUT if I am ever in the Oregon area, I definitely want to visit one of their brick & mortar stores!
    @ Aarti: I used to allow myself one pair of shoes a month (because I love shoes so much!), but stopped that because I didn’t actually need to accumulate shoes that quickly. I feel like this is a nice trade-off!

  12. 02/13/2011

    I have all sorts of “When I am making an income again…” promises to myself and an Indiespensible subscription is one of them πŸ™‚

  13. 02/15/2011

    Droooool. This is so exciting! Even though I haven’t heard of the authors I am jealous with a capital J.

  14. 02/16/2011

    Someday, when I find myself with random extra money floating around, this is one of those things I’d LOVE to do. Until then, I just drool over other people’s posts! I do have a copy of The Fates Will Find Their Way, and I’m intrigued by it. Enjoy!

  15. 02/17/2011

    @ sakura: I love books arriving at my door every month… It’s always such an exciting day! I will report back when I have read the book!
    @ Erin: Yes, I always have grandiose plans for when I have extra money (come on universe, get on that!), but I’m happy that for the time being I have enough income that I can afford a subscription.

  16. 02/18/2011

    I meant to sign up for this program after reading one of your earlier posts and never got around to it. Today I did it! I am so excited that I will receive Indiespensible #25 when it comes out. Thanks for calling my attention to this program. I will enjoy the goodies and feel really good about supporting a great Indie bookseller!

  17. 02/20/2011

    @ Kathleen: Oh, so glad you have joined the club! I hope your first installment is wonderful – I have yet to be disappointed! πŸ˜€

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