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8th January
written by Steph
Given my new obsession with knitting, I wound up whipping up a few winter wear items this past holiday season. Now that the gifts are given, I can finally reveal them to all of you! Ever since I started my new hobby, Tony has been begging me to make him a patterned hat (as well as a sweater, but I figured I would start with a hat because it's much smaller!). This is a traditional Norwegian fair isle design that I really liked, as did Tony, so after he picked out the wool he wanted, I got to work. I know it looks super complicated but it really wasn't that bad! It was actually a lot of fun to knit and allowed me to master two skills: knitting in the round on double-pointed needles (DPNs) and also multi-colored yarn work! Love how it turned out, though I did have to drop the hem around the brim a few more inches than the pattern called for because Tony has such a huge noggin! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Looks complicated, doesn't it?

Next, I have an entrelac scarf using Noro yarn that I made for my mother-in-law. Unfortunately, I didn't manage my time well enough to get a picture of her wearing it (perhaps she will be kind enough to snap a picture with her new camera and send me one?), but you can see Rory modeling it! This is another pattern that is deceptively difficult in its appearance but fairly easy to knit up once you get a hand of short rows. Love the colors that Noro yarn comes in, and I'm now making a similar scarf for myself!

"It's my scarf, not yours!"

Finally, I had some left-over yarn from knitting up Emmy's sweater, so I made myself a quick, retro 1930's-esque French beret. It's very slouchy, but I gather that's rather on trend at the moment. Also, now when Emmy wears her sweater and I wear my hat, we will match! Yaaaay! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Me... in a hat!

[I should also mention that I did make my father-in-law a pair of "glittens" (aka fingerless gloves that convert into mittens), but I also forgot to take any pictures of those (not even ones modeled by puppies). So I am going to ask him to also take some photos of himself modeling his new homemade knits so I can post them here on the blog.] Next up: I'm working on some fingerless gloves for me (one down, one to go!), and will be starting on a winter toque for my brother-in-law, Ben. Thankfully he's up in Minnesota, where I know he'll still need a warm hat for the next few months... I'm sure I can get it done before the snow thaws...
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  1. 01/08/2011

    Your holiday knitting projects are amazing! Nice work! That hat does indeed look complicated. And warm. I love all of the colors in the scarf, and it looks nice and bulky. I love snuggling down in a big scarf. And your beret is super-cute. I like the embellishment with the pin.

  2. 01/08/2011

    I’m so impressed! That hat is gorgeous — I’ve always wanted to make one like that, but I’ve never found a pattern I’ve quite liked. And glittens? Those are complicated! Lovely projects, all ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. JoV

    That’s complicated patterns you’ve got on Tony’s hat! I’m at awe. I can’t knit, so I’m impressed with people who do.

    Everyone looks adorable in their knitted hats and scarf!

  4. 01/08/2011

    glittens indeed! I love knitwear and I’m impressed with your beret, particularly.

  5. Sim

    Ooh! Everything is so cool! That beret is especially awesome. I’ll admit that I’m pretty jealous. Love the look!

  6. 01/08/2011

    Beautiful stuff! And Tony’s hat kills me. I can’t tell you how much I paid for a winter hat sort of like that but not as nice!!!

  7. 01/09/2011

    Steph, you have become seriously good at this knitting thing very quickly! And go easy on the big head. I live in a house of huge noggins! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. 01/09/2011

    Oh wow Steph! I am so impressed with what you have made. That hat in particular looks amazing and the colors on the scarf are just so beautiful! You are so good a this knitting business! Great job with all of your projects.

  9. 01/09/2011

    Heehee so cute..

  10. 01/09/2011

    You need to open an Etsy shop. Your knitting is GORGEOUS!

  11. 01/10/2011

    I really love yours and Tony’s hats and your MIL’s scarf is GORGEOUS!

  12. Eva

    I heart that scarf (and the hats of course)! I’m tempted to ask for the pattern, but now that I live in south TX I have zero need for cold-weather scarves. lol

  13. Lu

    I’m so jealous of your skills! I especially love Tony’s hat!

  14. 01/11/2011

    Oh my gosh, I see people knitting often and i’m like “oooh impressive…a scarf….” (sarcasm) but damn this stuff IS impressive! Interesting patterns and designs! Good job!

  15. 01/11/2011

    Let me also add that I can’t knit anything so that *sarcasm* is really just jealousy of crafting skills.

  16. 01/12/2011

    Everything look very professional, congrats Steph! A friend of mine joined a knitting group that meets about twice a month – it sounds like fun and it’s one more incentive for me to also try.

  17. 01/13/2011

    Wonderful knitting projects, Steph! That scarf which Rory is modelling looks really beautiful and complex! I don’t know how much things have changed now, but I remember my mom knitting when I was a boy and she used have notebooks filled with pages and pages of designs described in knitting terminology. Do you have those these days, or is it more easier to transcribe a design into words?

  18. 01/13/2011

    Those are beautiful! I am so in awe of knitters. I’ve had people try to teach me but I could never get the hang of it. My Nan was a champion knitter – she could knit while watching TV, holding a conversation and cooking supper. All at the same time!

    I love that you modeled your MIL’s scarf with your dog – did your MIL see the humor in it?

    And purple is definitely your color!

  19. kay

    You did some amazing knitting there! Wow! I love Tony’s hat, but personally I’m in love with the scarf. I have some Noro I bought to make a striped scarf, but I’ve been dreaming an entrelac one too. The colors are just so pretty!

  20. Abby

    Steph! Just catching up on my S&T reading, and I love all the knitted goodies! I also love the dog photos. Bug looks so adorable here! And Emmy in her new t-shirt? It’s almost too cute to handle. Now we just have to get Tony to open his animal portraiture Etsy store…

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