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2nd November
written by Steph

This month, we've got a bounty of books for you to discover over at BookPage! In the November issue, Tony reviews the newest Dennis Lehane novel, Moonlight Mile, which is a must-read for any thriller/mystery buffs out there. I can say from personal experience, that Tony devoured this baby in two sittings, greatly neglecting his wife in the process... but isn't that what great books are all about? Making spouses jealous (because they aren't the ones reading said book... )? 😛 Check out his review in full here!

Also, I have a bunch of web-exclusive content that is now up. For fans of creepy Victorian era fiction (and really, who doesn't like that kind of stuff?), you might be interested in checking out my interview with Kathe Koja, where I ask her about her newest book, Under The Poppy. Koja's book is set in Brussels during the 1870s and involves brothels and puppet shows, amongst various other things... As if that wasn't enough of a reason to check out the interview, Koja is a Sarah Waters fan... Read her thoughts on historical fiction, the appeal of YA novels, and more here!

I also did a brief and extremely fun Q&A with author, Tilar J Mazzeo regarding the iconic perfume, Chanel No. 5, which is the focus of her newest work of non-fiction, The Secret of Chanel No. 5. Definitely something to read if you're hoping to add a little decadence to your life. Find out what goes into researching the most popular and intoxicating perfume across the ages, by reading the interview here.

Last but not least, I also reviewed Rose Tremain's most recent novel, Trespass, which you can read here. I'd never read anything by Tremain prior to this, but I loved the fast-paced narrative, lush French countryside setting, and the dark, disturbing secrets that she wove together here. I'll definitely be checking out more Tremain in the future!


  1. 11/02/2010

    UUUuuUUU! A historical novel set in Brussels! I never heard of it, thank you so much for the tip. It goes straight to the top of my BookDepository wishlist 🙂

  2. Sim

    Seriously, Steph, how do you have the time? I’m SOO impressed by all the things you constantly manage to accomplish!

  3. I love the sound of Under the Poppy. I hadn’t heard of it before, but if Sarah Waters name is mentioned I can hardly resist 🙂

  4. 11/02/2010

    I like the look of Under the Poppy and Rose Tremain is a author I have read before and liked. This one is a new book for me so shall look it out.

  5. 11/03/2010

    I have the Lehane book waiting for me, and I am so excited about it! I have read a few of his others and have loved them all, especially Shutter Island. I think Moonlight Mile is one of the books in the Kenzie and Gennaro series, and though I haven’t read the first book, I did see the movie. Also, I have a book by Rose Tremain on my shelf as well. I think it’s called Music and Silence, and I have heard good things about the author overall. I also must admit that Under the Poppy sounds fantastic. Who wouldn’t love brothels and puppet shows? I am off to check out all of these reviews right now, and I know I am going to be adding some of these books to my wish list!

  6. 11/03/2010

    @ Alex: Ah yes! I can see how Under The Poppy would very much appeal to you! I can only imagine how the experience of being in Brussels while reading it would heighten the entire thing!
    @ Sim: Where do I find the time? Probably from my dissertation which progresses far less than it could if I focused on it all the time! 😉 But where would be the fun in that, I ask you?
    @ Jackie: Yes, I figured it was worth mentioning the Sarah Waters connection, as I know so many book bloggers love her… I still have to try something by her!
    @ Mystica: I’d be interested to hear what you think of the Tremain given that you’ve read other things by her already. Some book blogger reviews I’ve found suggest that this one isn’t as good as her previous work, but I thought it was great!
    @ zibilee: Moonlight Mile is a Kenzie & Genarro series, but you shouldn’t let that hold you back; Tony hadn’t read anything by Lehane before picking this one up and he had no trouble following the story.
    And I’m right there with you on Under the Poppy: if brothels and puppet shows don’t intrigue you, what will? 🙂

  7. 11/03/2010

    Under the Poppy has such a gorgeous cover and looks really good. I really enjoyed the interview you did with Koja. I’m a huge fan of Sarah Waters too! I’ve also heard lots of good things about Lehane but haven’t read any of his books yet. And I’ve only read Tremain’s ‘Restoration’ which I enjoyed a lot. I recall it being a very flamboyant novel, mirroring the period it’s set in.

  8. 11/05/2010

    @ sakura: So glad to hear you enjoyed my Under the Poppy interview! Sounds like a book that will appeal to many, so I’m glad to help spread the word!

  9. 11/08/2010

    The Dennis Lehane sounds intriguing. It’s been ages since I read one of his mystery/thrillers. Thanks for the recco, will keep it in mind.

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