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1st October
written by Steph

Nicole Krauss

You'll recall that a few months ago I was über excited by the interview I conducted with Nicole Krauss about her new novel, Great House, which will be released next Tuesday. To commemorate the event, my interview with her can be found in the October issue of BookPage, or can be read online here. Please check it out and let me know what you think! On a personal note, I have to say that Krauss was so lovely to speak to, answering my questions candidly and thoughtfully. I know that some interviews/articles on her have suggested she can be quite reserved, but I found her to be very open and warm, and speaking to her was a real pleasure. Definitely one of my interviewing highlights thus far! I know that a lot of people are eagerly anticipating Great House, so I hope this interview sheds some light on the story behind the book as well as providing some insight into a very exciting and provocative author. Enjoy!


  1. 10/01/2010

    Very nice interview! I finished Great House a couple of weeks ago and loved it. (I’m holding my review until closer to the pub date.) I only liked History of Love, but this was tremendous. It’s staying on my shelf for a reread someday.

  2. JoV

    This is so timely and awesome Steph, I am about to start on The History of Love soon, but I have a good feeling I will love her books a lot. I’ll be watching out for this one! Thanks for the introduction! 🙂

  3. 10/03/2010

    Great interview, Steph. And what a wonderful opportunity for you. I would have been over the moon, and I’m afraid, more than a bit nervous. Like Teresa, also loved the new book as I also loved The History of Love. Can’t wait to read everyone’s thoughts on it soon.

  4. 10/03/2010

    How fun that you got to interview her! I enjoyed reading it, and will look out for her book. I liked The History of Love, so I’ll bet this will be good too.

  5. 10/03/2010

    What a great interview! It sounds like Krauss really put a lot of herself into this book, in many different ways. I have been excited about reading this one, and have to admit that this interview just makes me all the more excited. I am going to have to let you know what I think of it, and thanks so much for sharing this interview!

  6. 10/04/2010

    @ Teresa: I admit that I loved History of Love so I had high hopes for this one. I’m really looking forward to reading your review of this one – I could see how this would be a book you’d really connect with!
    @ JoV: Oh, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on HoL – it’s one of my favorites!
    @ Frances: So glad to hear that this lived up to your expectations. I was certainly nervous going into my interview with Krauss, but she swiftly put me at ease and I was very happy with how the whole thing went!
    @ Dorothy: Talking to Nicole was so exhilarating and I felt the interview helped me appreciate the book even more, which I think is always nice. I hope you do get a chance to read this one and that you enjoy it!
    @ zibilee: I’m so glad this interview got you excited for the book. As Krauss says in the interview, her books can be challenging, but they’re always rewarding!

  7. wow!!! that is quite an interview coup! i’m off to read it. 🙂

  8. 10/08/2010

    Thank you for this interview, Stephan.
    Would love to hear what you think of my (excerpt) reading of Krauss’ new novel
    TY 🙂

  9. 10/11/2010

    @ Excerpt Reader: The wonderful thing about Krauss is that her writing is so damn good that you can pretty much quote any line and it will be genius… Lends itself quite nicely to excerpt reading!

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