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11th August
written by Steph

Today I wrote a little guest post over at The Book Case in which I tease a portion of Nicole Krauss' upcoming novel, Great House (a.k.a. the literary event everyone is holding their breaths over). I actually had the great honor of chatting with Krauss yesterday about the book for a feature I'll write for the October issue of BookPage, celebrating the release of her third book, which certainly stoked the flames of my enthusiasm. If you're jonesing for something to tide you over, pop over and check out my post, in which I speak rhapsodically about the wild excitement this book has inspired.


  1. 08/11/2010

    Oh wow. I didn’t realize this was you. I linked to your article on my blog today. I cannot wait for this book and absolutely love the cover art. Thanks for the snippet.

  2. 08/11/2010

    Clicking over in just a minute you lucky, lucky woman. I have my copy at the ready but have been so afraid that it can’t live up to her past work that I keep putting the read off. Silly, I know.

  3. 08/12/2010

    So, so cool that you got to chat with Krauss! I am going to head on over to you guest post now and check out your thoughts on the book!

  4. Wow, good for you, Steph! I look forward to reading more about the interview and the book.

    I am being cautiously excited about the new novel (now, the new Michael Cunningham is another kettle of fish as I’m jumping up and down for that); I’ll read it when I read it. If only her hubby would write another fiction book for a real case of uncontainable excitement.

  5. 08/12/2010

    @ jenn: You just never know where I might pop up on the internet… 😉 I’m glad my piece stoked the flames of excitement on this one… It’s a really satisfying read!
    @ Frances: Oh, I know how very lucky I am. Definitely one of my top literary moments ever! If you’ve read Man Walks Into a Room as well as History of Love, I think you’ll really appreciate what Krauss has done with Great House.
    @ zibilee: It was very cool and she was really wonderful to talk with! Really helped me look even deeper into her novel, which everyone should read! 😉
    @ Claire: Nicole Krauss is one of my favourite authors, no question, so I was thrilled to get this opportunity. It’s always time to celebrate when much loved authors release new books!

  6. 08/14/2010

    Chatting with Krauss! And you say it so casually.. 😀

    Giddy with excitement over this..

  7. 08/14/2010

    @ claire: Oh trust me, it took all my self-control to be calm and collected on the day! I’m happy to report she was lovely!
    And you can’t possibly be giddier than I! 😀

  8. 08/16/2010

    Wonderful to hear! It’s always nice to know the writers we admire are the sort of people we’d like to be friends with in real life. Can’t say I won’t patronize authors like Naipaul (because he writes wonderfully) but that it detracts from some of the love.

  9. 08/17/2010

    @ claire: Yes, it’s always a huge boon when an author whose work we admire turns out to be a person we can admire as well. I haven’t read any Naipaul, nor have I heard anything derogatory about him, but I think I’d be pretty upset if I found out a beloved author was cold and curmudgeonly (or held despicable world views)!

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