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2nd July
written by Steph
I imagine many bloggers will be offline this weekend, enjoying the long weekend that accompanies 4th of July celebrations. Tony and I certainly will be!  But, our break will be a little more prolonged, as we take off for Puerto Rico tomorrow morning and will be gone for nine whole glorious days, during which we'll celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary (can you believe it's already been a year?!? Also, we decided that as an update to the old-fashioned gift-giving guide in which paper is the appropriate gift to commemorate the first year of newlywed bliss that our e-readers will count as 21st century paper...)! We'll be taking plenty of pictures to document our trip, but we won't be blogging whilst we're away. I could have pre-scheduled some review posts, I suppose, but I'm going full-out lazy on this one. Just know there will be plenty of new content (and yes, that includes pictures!) when we get back, starting around July 13. We wish you all happy and safe long weekends (or regular ones to those not in the good ol' USofA), and look forward to catching up sooner than y'all can imagine. If anyone needs us, we'll be on the beach...

Me not in Puerto Rico (this is Miami), but the response will be pretty much the same...


  1. 07/02/2010

    Sounds fantastic! I look forward to seeing pictures. And Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. 07/02/2010

    Happy anniversary! Have fun!!

  3. Kathleen

    Enjoy your trip and the celebration of your anniversary!!

  4. 07/02/2010

    I hear Puerto Rico is awesome! enjoy!

  5. 07/02/2010

    Have a wonderful time in Puerto Rico and Happy Anniversary!!

  6. 07/02/2010

    Happy Anniversary to both of you!! I hope that you have a wonderful time in Puerto Rico, and I really look forward to seeing all the pictures when you get back! Enjoy yourselves!

  7. 07/02/2010

    Have a wonderful time! And Happy Anniversary 😀

  8. 07/02/2010

    Happy holidays and congratulations on your anniversary. Have a wonderful time

  9. 07/02/2010

    Woo-hoo! Have fun!!

  10. 07/03/2010

    Congratulations! Have a great vacation!

  11. 07/04/2010

    Oh I am so jealous of you going to Puerto Rico! I’ve wanted to go there forever!!

    Congrats on your anniversary, and have a great time!

  12. 07/04/2010

    Happy anniversary!!! Have a grand time, you two! xo

  13. Have an amazing time and a happy anniversary!

  14. kay

    Have a great time, and Happy Anniversary! 😀

  15. 07/06/2010

    Have fun! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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