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1st July
written by Steph

The July issue of BookPage is now out and with it comes my review of Carolyn Parkhurst’s new book, The Nobodies Album. This was a really interesting read as it looks at the way endings influence the way we reflect on a book as whole. It features an author who has decided that her newest book will simply be a collection of final chapters from all of her books, but all re-written. As we compare the new chapters with the old, we see how Octavia has changed and gain insight into her troubled relationship with her son… who has just been charged with the murder of his girlfriend. For more, check out my review here! Also, Tony & I have a few web exclusives for y’all. For those Fantasy fans out there, I know we don’t tend to cater to you all that frequently, but Tony read and reviewed a really fun series debut, The Left Hand of God that is being released this month. I admit I’m not really a Fantasy reader, but I love a religious conspiracy as much as the next atheist and I know Tony really enjoyed reading it. Read his review here. Tony also read Canadian author, Howard Norman’s newest book, What is Left of the Daughter. It was so good, he read the entire thing on a flight from New York to Nashville, so for any of you planning to take the skies this summer, this might be a good choice of in-flight entertainment! Check that review out here. And really, what better way to celebrate Canada Day than to check out some of its talented authors? I miss you Canada! 😀 Finally, I reviewed Justin Kramon’s debut novel, a coming-of-age tale entitled Finny. I’m a big fan of red-headed heroines (Anne Shirley was one of my childhood favorites), so Finny Short had me from the very beginning. This is a story that is sweet but not sickly so, and has plenty of sharp moments for all its tenderness.  See more on my thoughts here. If you’ve had enough reviews, why not check out some author interviews? I was a busy bee and talked to Lily King about her new book, Father of the Rain, and also talked to the two editors of Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads. With respect to the latter, I certainly know where I’ll be looking the next time I need inspiration for my next biblio-adrenaline hit! You can read my interview with King here, and my interview with David Morrell and Hank Wagner here! Phew! Enough already… I’d better let you go and read now! Have fun!


  1. 07/01/2010

    The Nobodies Album sounds like a really good read, and it reminds me a little bit of The Thirteenth Tale, what that it focuses on an author and her writing. I was thinking about reading The Left Hand of God, and requested it from Library Thing, I think. I wasn’t sure if it would be for me, since I had never read any epic fantasy before. I am glad to hear it was so good though! I had not heard much about What is Left of the Daughter, so I was glad to read that review. That one reminds me a bit of On Folly Beach because they both have subplots involving the U-boats. I am also going to be getting the chance to read Finny very soon, and I am really looking forward to it. The author described it as literary fiction with intense characterization, and I have been curious about it ever since. I am glad to see you liked it!

  2. 07/01/2010

    I am so interested in The Left Hand of God, thanks Tony! Had never heard of it before, and looking forward to it. Also, I’m so glad, Steph, you enjoyed Finny. What a relief. I saw the trailer on youtube and am eager to read it. Happy to know that it’s as good as it presumes to be.

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