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2nd May
written by Steph
Howdy y'all! Here in Nashville we're learning that the old adage should be changed to "April showers bring May floods", because this city has been deluged by "end of the world" type thunderstorms for the past two days.  Call us crazy (and our dogs certainly do), but we kind of love it. Perfect reading weather! If you're in a similarly soggy situation and looking for some new reading material, perhaps you'd like to check out our most recent contributions to BookPage.  In the print issue, Steph read and reviewed The Singer's Gun by Emily St. John Mandel, which is a tense thriller involving human trafficking and identity fraud. She also pulled double duty and reviewed The Map of True Places by Brunonia Barry (best-selling author of The Lace Reader) for a web exclusive, while Tony read and reviewed Jaspreet Singh's debut novel Chef, which he found was not a book to be read on an empty stomach, so lush and mouthwatering were its descriptions of yummy Indian food. Hopefully from this literary banquet you'll find something to feast on!  Bon appetit!


  1. 05/02/2010

    If you get tired of the rain, send some over here! We need more of it!! 😀

  2. 05/02/2010

    Kind of like the snow this past winter. Reading hibernation time.

    Just bookmarked your reviews to get back to this week. Always amazed at your level of productivity! 🙂

  3. 05/02/2010

    I read and loved St. John Mandel’s first book and have been curious about Barry’s new one as well, so I am eager to hop on over to Book Page to see what you thought of them. I hadn’t heard of the book that Tony read as of yet, but that won’t stop me from checking out his thoughts on it! Glad that you guys are doing so much reading lately, I must try to follow your example!!

  4. 05/02/2010

    Thanks for the recommendations.

  5. 05/03/2010

    @ Amanda: Apparently some places wound up with 6 ft (!!!) of water, so we’ve got plenty to share, but I doubt you’d want that much!
    @ Frances: I have been on a crazy reading jag for the past few weeks, despite the lovely weather! I just have been wanting to read, read, read!
    @ zibilee: See my above comment to Frances! 😉 Also, I think you’ll like the St. John Mandel if you liked her first one. By all accounts, this one is getting a lot of love!
    @ Mystica: I hope you find something good!

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