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27th April
written by Steph
Today is our friend Trisha's birthday, and we know she gets a kick out of these podcasts, so in honor of Trisha turning another year AWESOME, here's the latest installment of What We Watched.  Warning: This one's full of giggling! Featured in this podcast:
  • Tony gets all cranky when discussing the flapper fashion that features in Enchanted April
  • Did you know that Steph loves musicals and had the weirdest childhood ever? Our discussion of Showboat makes this clear... for the 20th time.
  • Like the protagonist in An Education, we fall for an older man... but his identity might surprise you!
  • The Legend of The Shadowless Sword teaches us the valuable lesson that the line between good and bad martial arts movies may be fine, but it does exist!

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  1. 04/27/2010

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet because I’m at work, but last year I bought a copy of “The Shadowless Sword” and was a little upset I couldn’t get my money back. The trailer looked so good, but the movie was so bad. I think the person who wrote the script had no conception of what the word “plot” meant. The line between good and bad martial arts movies is indeed very thin, but “Shadowless Sword” was definitely on the bad side of that line. So which one of you disliked it as much as I did?

  2. 04/27/2010

    YESSSSSS! Not only a podcast, but a podcast full of giggling? That talks about AN EDUCATION? What a birthday present! I look forward to listening to this tomorrow, when I’m back at my desk, to prolong the bday festivities. 🙂

  3. 04/29/2010

    For some reason, Showboat became a big part of my teen years. I read the book fairly early, and was struck by it’s similarities to Funny Girl, which I watched at about the same time, and then the movie was on regularly, so I saw it repeatedly. This is the only Ferber book I ever read, but I loved it. Don’t you think Gaylord Ravenal is a lot like Nicky Arnsteen?

    Love Enchanted April, book and movie. Still waiting to experiece An Education, both book and movie.

  4. 04/30/2010

    Oh so sorry you didn’t love Enchanted April! I admit I’m excited to see it since I enjoyed the book so much.

    The relationship between Mrs. Arbuthnot and Mrs. Wilkins is clearer in the book — they were neighbors and Mrs. Wilkins knew her, although Mrs. Arbuthnot didn’t recognize her at first. Sounds like you see too much of Mellersh.

    Mrs. Wilkins didn’t seem crazy at all in the book. I related to her. And it made sense, from the book, why she invited her husband 🙂

  5. 04/30/2010

    @ J.S.: I think we knew fairly quickly Shadowless Sword was going to be a clunker so we adjusted our expectations. We wound up watching it more as a campy spoof than a legitimate film, so I think that affected our final feelings about it. It’s by no means a good film, but I’m not sure we disliked it, if that makes any sense. We were pretty ambivalent about it.
    @ Trisha: All for you, birthday lady! Enjoy!
    @ JaneGS: I must confess, I’ve never seen Funny Girl! I think you’ll probably enjoy An Education; it’s really very good.
    @ Rebecca: Thanks for the info! It sounds like a lot of things were cut for the film that would make it a richer experience. I feel like the book must focus a lot on the “internal life” of the characters, and that’s much harder to accomplish in a film.

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