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7th March
written by Steph
Another hiatus - though this time a rather prolonged one.  Apologies, of course.  We make excuses at the start of the podcast, but really the gap between this and the last podcast is simply due to us being hella busy during February with social obligations and also illnesses (seriously, Steph is better now, but she still has a bit of a cough... which makes a few cameos in the podcast) and pretty much we watched very few movies.  I mean, over the course of a month, we only have six films to talk about, which should tell you something! But in the end, we did watch the following six films: Highlights from this long overdue podcast:
  • Find out who Ray D. Tutto is when we discuss The Adventures of Baron Munchausen!
  • We debate the titular appropriateness of Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove
  • NY I Love You may be all about love, but we think maybe we're better off just as friends... and Steph may or may not make a culturally insensitive joke in this segment (but she promises it was a joke!)
  • When in Rome don't see this movie.  Really, that's a good rule of thumb whichever country you happen to find yourself in.
  • Into the Wild teaches us the important life lesson of not heading into the wilds of Alaska with a 5-lb bag of rice, a 22 shotgun, and a shaky knowledge of edible plants.  There go our one-year wedding anniversary plans...
  • Is The Hurt Locker a worthy Oscar nominee?  Consensus: ????... ????
We won't lie: this is one of our longer podcast, but I guess we were making up for lost time!  And hopefully we're back in the movie-watching groove.  We've already watched two new flicks since recording this, so all signs point to "outlook good".

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  1. 03/08/2010

    So much to comment on! Can’t say for sure if I was more reluctant than Tony to see WHEN IN ROME, but I never would have seen this one without the promise of people to snark on it with. 😉 It was definitely a horrific squandering of resources — how did a cast that funny and talented end up turning out such drek?

    If you want to continue to love Michael Cera, do not see YEAR ONE. Although I’m interested in his latest, the one with the cool French alter ego.

    I’m on the Tony side of the fence when it comes to THE HURT LOCKER. I thought it was haunting and even though the main lesson is an old one, IMO it bears repeating — and it’s a hard point to make without seeming preachy or cliched. For the most part I think the movie sidestepped those pitfalls nicely (with the exception of the showy epigraph!) and had terrific performances. Could write more but then this would become a blog post. 🙂 Good podcast friends!

  2. 03/09/2010

    Glad to see you back! I am also glad to hear that you are feeling better, Steph. I have been interested in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, but have never really heard it discussed at length, so I was a bit unclear about what it was all about. It sounds like something that might be fun to see. I also like that it is on instant watch, not many good movies are, so that’s a plus for me. It might make a good movie for family movie night. I also don’t know much about Dr. Strangelove, though I have heard it mentioned in passing. I had no idea it was totally in black and white! I haven’t watched a black and white movie in ages. It seems as though your opinion and Tony’s diverged a bit on it. Not sure if it’s a movie I would watch or not. Never heard of NY I Love you, but it sounds like it was not a totally successful for the two of you, and being that your review is all I know about the movie, I think I will probably take a pass on it. I had been interested in seeing When You Are in Rome because I thought it might be a little like a chick-lit book, which is sometimes nice. It sounds terrible! And if Tony was mad after having been made to watch it, I can bet my husband would be upset at having to watch it as well. I am really excited about Into the Wild, and your thoughts on it have made me even more determined to see the movie. It sounds kind of weird, but very interesting. I wonder if he went out there with the intention of doing himself in. I mean, who goes out to Alaska in the winter with only a bag of rice and a gun? Too weird for me to miss, I think. I also loved the nod to Grizzly Man! Weird, weird movie. Obviously I have been hearing a lot about The Hurt Locker in the past month, but I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to see. It sounds like it was a really tense watching experience, but also like it was a bit all over the place in terms of plot and characters. My husband might like it, but I am not so sure that it’s one I will watch. I hope that the next few movies you watch leave you with much more excitement about them!

  3. 03/11/2010

    @ Trisha: Well, I guess I’m the odd one out with the Hurt Locker. I mean, I didn’t think it was a bad movie, but I guess for me it wasn’t transcendental or anything. I’m not sure it deserved to sweep as many of the awards that it did, but of course, since Avatar did not win best picture, I’m not really going to complain! 😉
    @ Zibilee: Definitely think Baron Munchausen could be fun for family film night! And I do think Dr. Strangelove is also worth checking out too, though probably not with the kiddos as they’d likely be bored! 😉 I think you’ll get a kick out of Into the Wild, though I admit, it wasn’t Grizzly Man, but really, what could be? 😀

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