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24th January
written by Steph
Somewhat of a slow week for us here at Steph & Tony Investigate, but that didn't stop us from prattling on about the 3.5 movies we watched.  Why 3.5?  Well, you'll have to listen to find out! This week we watched: Highlights include:
  • Is Jean Claude Van Damme secretly cool?  We discuss this while talking about JCVD.
  • Steph gets passionate about the portrayal of women in guy movies while discussing The Hangover!
  • Is Ink the worst movie ever?  Probably not.  But it might be.
  • We discuss whether Easy Virtue was rented because of Jessica Biel or Colin Firth. (Hint: It wasn't because of Jessica Biel...)

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  1. 01/26/2010

    You know, I haven’t heard much about any of these movies, so your review was really informative to me. Your opinions on JCVD make me think that it would probably be something different and interesting for me. I like that Van Damme kind of comes out of his box and does something different. It sounds like maybe this is a role in which I could take him seriously. Not sure about The Hangover though. It doesn’t sound like my type of movie, and it seems like you were a bit lukewarm about it too. And your boob comment, and Tony’s reaction? Hilarious. I snorted. And then just when I was staring to recover, you had the pubic hair conversation! Ink sounds very, very confusing and bizarre. Dream people and broken bongos that open dreamworlds? No thanks. I am also surprised that I have never heard of Easy Virtue, which shocks me because I always pay attention to Colin Firth and what he’s doing. So, this one definitely goes into the queue. I also don’t like Jessica Beil and think she looks doubly weird with blond hair. I don’t think she’s the best actor, even back when she was in the T.V. show 7th Heaven, which I am ashamed to admit I watched! Great post, I am really liking these alot!

  2. 01/27/2010

    @ zibilee: Glad to hear you are enjoying these little features – they’re a lot of fun for us, which I think comes across! 😉 Alas, the downside to being a Firth Fan means that one sometimes winds up watching less than great flicks… this was probably one of those times. I think you could safely skip Ink and The Hangover (especially Ink), but JCVD is pretty interesting and fun!

  3. Genie

    Well I loved watching Hangover its one the best movies saw in 2009… It just so cool and light its not tooo emotional too dramatic or even too much action…. it just to keep watching the movie again & again. Hey I found some really really desktop background of The Hangover chk them out..:)

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