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17th January
written by Steph
The results are in and are conclusive: the new podcast feature is a hit, both for you and for us!  This was a pretty busy week for us, but we managed to squeeze in the following four movies (one of which, I'm sure you've been waiting with bated breath for us to watch): Highlights from this week's podcast:
  • Tony learns just how important good bread is to Steph while we discuss Ratatouille
  • How to incorporate Super Size Me into your life for a healthier 2010
  • Was Avatar deserving of all the hype?  Don't want to spoil it for you, but: no.
  • The Shop Around the Corner proves that oldies can still be goodies (even if they are culturally insensitive)
Additional highlight for you the listeners: we've updated our audio-streaming plug-in for added functionality, namely the ability to rewind time (or skip ahead) so that you can listen to your favorite clips again and again!

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  1. 01/17/2010

    Great fun! Thanks for doing this – I feel justified in my mild case of aversion to seeing Avatar! I watched Shop Around the Corner when I was around 15 and going through my first serious movie star crush – and it was over Jimmy Stewart, if you can believe it!! I had forgotten what a funny movie it is – and in more ways than I probably realized when I watched it then. Can’t wait for next week’s addition! 🙂

  2. 01/18/2010

    I like your Avatar bullet point. Like Sarah, I had a bit of a crush on Jimmy Stewart, and it’s still going. I watched The Shop Around the Corner about a month ago, and I found it pretty strange. Have you guys watched Harvey?

  3. 01/18/2010

    I was on the fence about AVATAR but your podcast tipped me over to “absolutely not” territory. How could someone who’d slaved over digital effects for 10 years think choosing papyrus as a subtitle font was acceptable?

    It’s been years since I saw SHOP but your description had me giggling. Please watch more retro movies!

  4. 01/18/2010

    @ Sarah: I think I would be less bitter about Avatar if it hadn’t cost us $27 to see it! The $1 (or whatever it would break down to) for Shop Around the Corner was by far the better deal… I think I have been missing out all these years! Would it be wrong to have a Jimmy Stewart crush at 26?
    @ charley: We haven’t watched Harvey; in fact, I’ve never even heard of it until now! It sounds nutty! Perhaps if I develop a Jimmy Stewart obsession we’ll be covering it in the near future!
    @ Trisha: I feel that Tony was right in calling Papyrus the new Comic Sans. Clearly used by those of the world with no aesthetic sensibilities whatsoever!
    And we do have quite a few other classics on the queue… they’re always slow burns for me in that I find them horribly dull at first, but inevitably I am won over by the end!

  5. 01/18/2010

    I still haven’t seen it, so technically I cannot have an opinion, but AVATAR won Best Picture at the Golden Globes???!!! Ga-blarg. I HATE Hollywood.

    And yes, it is completely acceptable to have a crush on Jimmy Stewart – at any age! 🙂

  6. 01/18/2010

    We loved Ratatouille as well and thought that it was a really fun movie to watch with the kids. I had the same reactions to Supersize me as you guys did. It was so scary to think what eating like that could do to you in the long run. I love how McDonalds calls people who eat there “users”. I also thought it was scary that those fries at the end of the film survived intact for so long. I think that your opinions on Avatar are really valid, and it’s rare to hear, since everyone seemed to love this movie. My husband also found a website that posited that the plot was a ripoff of Pocahontas, which I hadn’t even thought about. I had never even heard about The Shop Around the Corner, but I am not sure I would watch it after hearing your review. Glad that you decided to make this a regular feature, that really rocks!

  7. 01/19/2010

    @ Sarah: I cannot even speak about how Avatar won the GG for best dramatic feature. What a joke. It was in the same category as Inglorious Basterds and Up in the Air, was it not? I’m happy Michael C Hall won for Dexter, but other than that, the GGs were pretty much ridiculous.
    @zibilee: Yes! I didn’t think about Pocahontas until after we finished our recording, but it’s really true! Avatar was definitely the stinker of the week for us, but I enjoyed everything else, I must say. We poked fun of Shop Around the Corner, but it was actually pretty good!

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