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14th January
written by Steph
You'll recall that back during our blogiversary festivites, we solicited feedback from all of you faithful readers about what improvements you'd like to see on the site.  Change has been slow to come as real life has been busy, but we did take note of all your helpful ideas and are slowly getting around to implementing them. Most pressing was the need for a page listing all of the books we've reviewed on the site for easy browsing.  I'm happy to say that after a lot of typing, said page is finally ready to assist you in your Steph & Tony Investigate! perusing needs.  The archive can be found here, or alternatively in the red header at the top of our site under "Books Reviewed" (how's that for intuitive?).  I'm not sure how some of you manage to be so fancy and have multiple pages that are broken down by Author, Year Reviewed, and Title (SO MUCH TYPING!), but I hope that for now having a page that lists, in alphabetical order, all of the titles reviewed on this site will suffice! Let us know if any links don't work or if there's just any general wonkiness.  Thanks for your patience, and have fun playing in the archives!
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  1. 01/14/2010

    Some of us have programmer husbands who can set up a script to move everything around without all the typing. 😀 I used to just have a title (well, in additional having a list for each year, but those are each separate), but with Jason’s help I was able to make a by author page without too much copy/paste. He ran a script that re-ordered, alphabetized, and put together the new post. I just had to go fix any entries that acted weird (like ones with two authors). It took less than 15 mins. He makes me so happy.

    Your comprehesive title page makes me happy too! I love when sites have those to search through.

  2. Congratulations! I love it when blogs have lists like this.

    I’m afraid that like Amanda I didn’t do any typing either. I use a few wordpress plugins, so all my lists are kept up to date automatically.

  3. Eva

    I think review directories are the BEST! I’ve already got title and author ones, and now I’m working on a Dewey Decimal one for my nonfiction (inspired by Rebecca of Rebecca Reads). After that, I really want to do a chronological one for my fiction too, like her. hehe

    I use a spreadsheet to track my reviews, so it took awhile to set up when I first started it, but now it’s easy to reorder things!

  4. 01/14/2010

    Congratulations on a drudgery (if I may call that) done! 🙂 I’m contemplating the same stunt but owing to the huge amount of time required, and that I rather read, the directory has not be a fruition. I’ve got a listing of all book reviews in the order they were read, but not really a directory organized by authors.

  5. 01/14/2010

    @ Amanda: I realized that there was probably a programming way to achieve my list more efficiently, but I confess to not being well enough versed in PHP or whatever coding language WordPress runs on to do it myself… so by rote it was!
    @ Jackie: I’d love to know which plugins you use! I didn’t even think there might be a plugin to help out with this kind of thing!
    @ Eva: This has been a work in progress for a few months now as it was so boring to accomplish, but I feel good now that it’s done! The problem was that I didn’t think to do it until I had already covered quite a few books… but now I just need to remember to maintain it! 😉
    @ Matt: It *was* drudgery, so please do call it what it is! This took me aaaaages to do, simply because I never wanted to make the time to just plow through and get it done, but I’m glad I’ve finally done it!
    @ Kay: I knew it was a necessary component to the site, it was just so much less fun to do than writing a post or reading a book, hence why it took forever! 😉

  6. Kay

    This is a great addition to the blog, I love when blogs have directories like this! Very useful! 🙂

  7. 01/14/2010

    I know how much work these indices are; it’s awful! I’m trying now to do one by genre; it will take me forever!

  8. 01/14/2010

    Hooray! I love review directories. This reminds me that I need to update mine. It’s been months and months…

  9. Sim

    Cool 🙂

    If you’re going to go with a simple ordered list, may I suggest adding the alphabet at the top and linking each letter to the relevant section on the page via anchors? As your list grows, having the ability to jump directly to a certain letter will make it more usable.

  10. 01/14/2010

    Congrats! Jenny and I added indices just a few months ago. (We used a spreadsheet with help from Eva to make sorting easier.) The setting up took a while, but it was mostly copy pasting, thank heavens! Now we just have to be diligent about updating as we post new reviews.

    And I second the suggest to add anchors for each letter. It’s easy to do, and I’ve found that useful on my own site.

  11. 01/15/2010

    How fun to see! I love looking at such archives and I keep making a lot of different kinds for my own site. Even if no one looks at mine but me, I love them 🙂

  12. 01/15/2010

    @ rhapsody: Perhaps I’m thankful I don’t read much outside of a single genre, if only for the fact it means creating a genre-based archive would be pointless! Maybe one day I’ll tackle an author archive, but for now, title-based will have to do!
    @ Nymeth: I am going to try to remember to update my archive each time I post a review, as I think that’s the only way it won’t feel painful!
    @ Sim: Curse you for suggesting anchors… 😉 I know how to implement them, so I know I can do it, I just didn’t bother this time (since I know I frequently use the “Find” function when I search others archives). It’s somewhat easily rectified, and I will end up putting alphabetic anchors at the top one of these days but… baby steps! 😉
    @ Teresa: It’s curious to hear that there seem to be all these different ways to make archives… maybe someone should do a post on this one of these days (perhaps before the next Bloggiesta?). And consider the call for alphabetic anchors noted!
    @ Rebecca: I love when sites have archives too, which is why I always meant to implement one myself. I love how creative your various archives are!

  13. Thanks for all the effort! I love review directories and planning mine as we speak – it will be very much a work in progress unless my IT boyfriend finds an easier way or plug-in(s)!

  14. I used the AZIndex plugin to organise my posts by title. I then used the headspace plugin to create custom fields (author surname, author first name and rating) The AZIndex can then sort them – if you need more information then just send me an email.

  15. 01/15/2010

    @ Claire: Oh how I wish I had an IT boyfriend who could make archive pages in a snap for me! Tony is actually quite good at these kind of things, but sometimes I persist in doing things the hard way…
    @ Jackie: Thanks for the info! If I decide to tackle other archive pages, I’m definitely going to look into these plugins!

  16. 01/18/2010

    Yay! It will be fun taking a look back at what you have read. I think it’s really neat that you did this!

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