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23rd November
written by Steph
[Remember, this post is sticky, so be sure to scroll down for new content!] First off, thanks once again for the wonderful website suggestions, whether they were book-related, or just plain fun!  I should point out that I had Savidge Reads in my Google Reader, only I had his old RSS feed and lazily forgot to change over to his new feed when he changed sites, so that's why I've gone months without reading any new content from him.  My bad, and I guess a lesson to you all: when someone mentions they have changed URLs and you need to consequently update your feed readers, you should probably not wait 3+ months to do so!  But really, lots of great sites to choose from, some I myself also follow, but plenty that I was completely unawares of, so thanks for helping us sieve through the madness that is the fecundity of the internet. As for the giveaway this week, this week the power of the internet randomly selected lucky number 7 from the ether, which means that we'll be sending a book to Claire of kiss a cloud (which is one of my much-loved spots on the internet).  Claire is a fellow José Saramago fan, so we'll be sending her a copy of All The Names to add to her growing collection. Congratulations, Claire!  I would say that I hope you love the book, but let's dispense with that, because I know you'll love this one! 😉 So, now is the time when the rest of you get one more chance in this zany whirligig of fun that has been our month of giveaways to snag yourself a free book.  To do so all you have to do is scour our archives for a book we've reviewed at some point in time on the site that you'd like to win and leave a comment letting us know which book you'd like.  Along with that title, we'd also like you to tell us one book you would like to see reviewed on the site in our next year of blogging.  It can be a book that we've mentioned buying but haven't yet gotten around to covering, or it can be a book you've read and loved and think we need to read, or maybe you'll be cruel and suggest a terrible book in the hopes that we will snark on it hard.  Whatever, it's up to you to use your power for good or evil!  In exchange for your ideas, you'll be entered into the running for a free book!  It doesn't get much easier than that, does it? Other deets: this final giveaway is open until Sunday, November 29 @ 11:59 pm, and is open to everyone anywhere on the planet.  One entry per person, but if you blog or tweet about this post, then we’ll give you an extra entry (one for each). You can pick any book that we’ve reviewed in some form on the site (though edition is not guaranteed to be the same as the one we read).  Good luck!


  1. 11/23/2009

    Hiya! What book would I recommend? Hmmm. I’m thinking Yoko Ogawa’s The Housekeeper and The Professor. Or what about Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions. Or what about 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff? All are wonderful reads! As for me, the book I would love to win (if my name is picked in your giveaway) is Atwood’s The Year of the Flood.

    Hope you and Tony have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  2. I think you should read Ingenious Pain by Andrew Miller as it is one of my favourite books, but noone has ever heard of it. You should also read A Fine Balance by Rohinto Mistry if you haven’t already as that is my favourite book!

    I’m still hopeful I’ll win Porgy!

  3. 11/23/2009

    I’d really like you guys to do a joint review of something by Dickens. There are quite a few to choose from, and I’m not picky, I would just really be interested in hearing what both of you think of him as a writer. And I will echo the poster above, and say that I hope to win Porgy!

  4. 11/23/2009

    Would like if you could do a review of one of the Sri Lankan authors – Shyam Selvadorai or Romesh Gunasekera. The books are popular with a wide reach and it will be nice to read a good review on them.

    As for personal choice still going with Disgrace!

  5. 11/23/2009

    Hi Steph, I just gave you an award…check it out at

  6. 11/23/2009

    This is the best win ever, being that I got to choose the book! Thanks so much, Steph and Tony! Of course you don’t have to enter me again, but would just like to say I’d love to see you review Hilda Bernstein’s The World that Was Ours, because I’m planning to get a copy (and it would be nice to know whether it’s worth getting one or not). Also curious how you’d like Rushdie’s Satanic Verses. Both books I remember you have copies of. 🙂

  7. 11/24/2009

    Congrats to Claire! And, hey, I’m reading “All the Names” right now and I’m loving it. It’s only my second Saramago book, but he’s a writer a plan on reading even more of in the future. I love his writing style. He’s the first author I’ve read who can write run-on sentences and not annoy me. =)

  8. 11/24/2009

    Hmmm….I have Saramago’s latest on the shelf, Death without Interruptions. It’s available now in trade paperback. I’m saving it for my next vacation, which is winter break. I’ll be spending it partly in Orange County and partly in the desert, Palm Springs, where the weather is very mild. I don’t mind his run-on sentences and the embedded dialogues, as I am attuned to his style and pace myself reading.

    As to the business of moving, I have the fear that people just won’t change the URLs in time and thus click on a broken link. I made the big switch from blogspot to wordpress after I blogged for a year. Now I’m pondering about branding my blog by buying my own domain. 🙂

  9. 11/24/2009

    Congrats to Claire!

    Well, since I’m new here, I don’t know too much about what you have/haven’t reviewed. It’d be interesting, though, to see what you think of Oracle Night by Paul Auster, since you liked the other Auster book so much. In some ways, I wouldn’t wish Oracle Night on you because I hated it so much, but it would be nice to find out what you thought. If you liked it, I could confirm my ruling out of Auster. If you disliked it, I might consider trying something else by him.

    Okay, that’s my babbling. I’m going in for Something Rotten once again. 😀

  10. 11/25/2009

    I think you should join a Classics Circuit and do a joint review of one of the books together! Which one is up to you…

    I’ll enter for Disgrace again!

  11. 11/26/2009

    Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  12. 11/29/2009

    Since I am a Munro fan–I am, in fact, putting my name in the hat for “Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage” by Alice Munro–hopefully you’d review her new book, “Too Much Happiness.” 🙂 Or, well, Mary Karr’s new memoir, “Lit.” Or, any book by Richard Yates, since I think I am fatally in love with him.

    Thank you. 🙂

    PS – I suppose I am made of FAIL, since I can’t seem to get past page three of any Saramago book. 🙁

  13. 11/30/2009

    I just tweeted about your giveaway :

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