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16th September
written by Steph
In case you haven't burned out on BBAW posts in which we share some our favorite blogs that didn't make the short-list for awards, here's another one!  At first I wasn't sure about whether to post this, because I realized it could be perceived as hurtful to anyone I didn't include.  So I want to be clear that if you're on my blog roll (which I need to, and will, update soon), or I've ever commented on your blog, then I clearly like what you do a good deal.  Also, if you were short-listed, I'm not going to include you on the list, so that we can all give some love to some of the overlooked blogs.  I've enjoyed reading everyone's lists, and have found quite a few blogs I didn't know about as a result, so I thought I'd return the favor and help your Google Readers overflow with all things bookish. Steph's 10 Favorite Blogs
  • Kiss A Cloud by Claire - In my opinion, Claire keeps one of the loveliest corners of the web.  She always takes evocative photos of whichever book she's reading, and her insights and ruminations on literature are always thoughtful and generally cause me to become excited about whatever she has read.  I could not have asked for a better co-host when it came to the 2666 read-along!
  • Farm Lane Books by Jackie - Jackie's reviews are always concise and to the point, but they feel complete nonetheless.  I always marvel at how succinct she can be - perhaps it's a skill I need to learn!  Regardless, I always find her reviews honest but fair; even if she doesn't like a book, she makes sure to state why something didn't work for her so that her readers can make an informed opinion about whether the book might work for them.  She isn't afraid to tackle award winners, and you can be sure that if Jackie likes a book, then it's probably worth your time!
  • The Infinite Shelf by Kay - The most colorful spot on the web!  Kay reviews a lot of YA fiction, which isn't really my area, but I always appreciate her perspective and find her reviews really enlightening.  One of the best things about book blogging is being exposed to different genres and tastes, and Kay certainly helps me sort the wheat from the chaff!  She also draws delightful little cartoons that focus on books and the love of reading, that are heartwarming and clever.
  • Incurable Logophilia by Verbivore - This is the blog I turn to whenever I'm looking for reviews and books that will expand my cultural horizons.  Verbivore devours books in English and in French (oh, how I wish my French were good enough these days to do the same!), and highlights a lot of international literature that I've never heard of before.  She also loves the classics, and her dissections of what she reads are always really informative AND inspiring!  She recently gave birth to a little girl, so her blogging might be sporadic for the next little while, but I eagerly await her return!
  • Tuesday in Silhouette - Tuesday recently started university, so she hasn't been posting as much, but she proves that it's all about quality, NOT quantity.  Many of the books she chooses would have daunted to me to no end when I was her age, but her reviews always prove to be wonderfully comprehensive and carefully articulated; she gives her readers a lot to contemplate and discuss with her.  I am always excited when one of her posts pops up in my Reader!
  • Girl Detective - I think this is probably one of the blogs that influenced me to start blogging, and which Tony and I modeled our site after.  The Girl Detective doesn't just write about books, but whatever strikes her fancy, and I fully admit to loving all of her posts.  But if book reviews are what you want, then be sure to check her out.  Her posts are short and to the point, but always meaty and erudite.  I have read countless books on her recommendation, and always enjoy trawling her archives.
  • Book Bath by Karen - Karen reads a really nice assortment of literary fiction, and I find there's a good blend of books I've read, and books I've never heard of! It's a pretty sure bet that if Karen is reviewing it, then you'll want to read about it.
  • BiblioAddict by J.S. Peyton - I love the essay-style posts J.S. writes about whatever she's been reading.  Sometimes it's book reviews, but sometimes it's just whatever bookish thing strikes her fancy.  Her writing is witty and fun, and is always a pleasure to read.
  • Raging Bibliomania by Zibilee - Zibilee was one of our first regular commentors here on the blog, but she also writes a wonderful site of her own.  If you think my reviews are thorough, you ain't seen nothing yet!  😉  Zibilee reviews a nice mix of non-fiction and fiction, and always gives her readers TONS to think about.  She'll always give you many reasons to read a book if it's worth reading, but will also give you many reasons not to if it's not!  Her reviews are always fair, and have I mentioned thorough?  You'll always get a good idea from her whether a book is a good fit for you.
  • Paperback Reader by Claire - This is a relatively new blog to me, but I discovered Claire's blog during Persephone Reading week, of which she was a gracious, generous, and enthusiastic co-host.  Since then I've come to realize that I really appreciate Claire's taste in books, and find her reviews incredibly thoughtful and informative.  If literary fiction is your thing, look no further!
Happy BBAW to all of our readers, and while it is my hope that none of these sites are news to you because they are so wonderful, if you find a new place to share your booklove on the web because of this list, then my job here is done!  Also, thanks to everyone who mentioned this little site on their lists (clearly you have good taste! 😉 ); we've been doing this for just about 10 months now, so it's so wonderful to see we have a place in so many of your hearts (and blogrolls).  Finally, congratulations to everyone who was short-listed for an award!  Competition was evidently very tough in all categories, so it's a remarkable accomplishment to have made it into the top five.


  1. 09/16/2009

    Steph.. nothing to say but I heart your blog, too, and you know it! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  2. Thank you, Steph! I feel privileged to be in such good company and to have your high opinion.

  3. 09/16/2009

    Steph, thanks for such kind words about my blog. You really made me blush. 🙂 I am going to take your advice and visit some of these blogs, a lot of them sound like they would be right up my alley. Since I can never get enough book talk, I’m sure there will be a lot of great new additions to my reader!

  4. 09/16/2009

    The blogs here that I know are ones that I enjoy very much, so I have to check out the others. It’s been great fun discovering new blogs this week!

  5. 09/16/2009

    Aw, thanks for the kind words, Steph 🙂
    I never really feel like I write in a “comprehensive and carefully articulated” way, but thank you!
    By the way, what is BBAW?

  6. 09/16/2009

    @ claire x 2 😉 & zibilee: I meant everything I said, and seeing how much I treasure your blogs, this little shout-out was the least I could do!
    @ Teresa: I agree that it’s been great fun to discover so many great new blogs this week. As if my Google Reader wasn’t overflowing before… 😉
    @ Tuesday: I always find your posts really thought provoking, and am always super impressed by your choice of books (including the Harry Potters!). BBAW = Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

  7. Thank you so much! I am so proud to be mentioned amongst such other great blogs.

    I love your reviews, so please don’t try to make them shorter like mine!

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