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1st August
written by Tony
Here are some of the best wedding shots, as promised. Charleston and Savannah highlights will be forthcoming in future (not too distant) posts. The gallery, after the jump. Once you open one image you can use the left and right arrows to navigate through (the click on the Next or Previous links on the edges of the photo).

Our rings

Our rings


  1. 08/01/2009

    Congrats! What a lovely day it must have been. You both look great.

  2. 08/01/2009

    Congratulations! The pictures *are* beautiful! Glad to have you back, though. 🙂

  3. Beautiful! Your photographer is amazing! It looks as though you had a great day – congratulations again!

  4. 08/01/2009

    Beautiful photos! I love your rings. Many congratulations.

  5. 08/01/2009

    Congratulations again, the photos are lovely.

  6. Ben

    Wow! Those turned out amazing, if they could only show hot it was haha.

  7. 08/02/2009

    You look lovely, Steph! You do look great together. And the photos are beautiful and so heartwarming, made me smile. I love your Japanese fan favors! Also, we have the exact same shape wedding bands. 😀

  8. 08/02/2009

    CONGRATS! I just heard the good news from Claire! I knew you’d gotten engaged but I missed this post somehow, because the link to your blog on my blog goes straight to the ‘Books’ section, LOL.

    The photos are exquisitely beautiful! I love your crinkly veil, and the liles, and your husband’s turquoise necktie, and the bamboo. And of course you yourself look lovely 🙂

  9. Eva

    Congrats!! I love those pictures. 😀

  10. 08/05/2009

    Beautiful! I love the picture of you guys holding hands, and the picture of the kiss by the water. You guys really had a great photographer.

  11. 08/12/2009

    Yay! I love these! Steph, you looked absolutely stunning (and your hubby looked great, too!). I loved the dress and the shoes. And the venue! Oh, everything looks lovely. Congratulations again!

  12. Kay

    The pictures are gorgeous! You both look extremely happy and beautiful – as you should! I love your wedding dress, Steph : it’s simple and classy.Congratulations to both of you! (and sorry for beeing late with those wishes 🙂 )

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