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3rd December
written by Steph
Damn. I was really hoping that Dallas & Toni would somehow bounce back from their difficulties and squeeze into the final three. This has been a season filled with teams that I either disliked actively or just couldn't get behind. As Tony so eloquently put it, the teams this season have either: been stupid, appeared to dislike each other, or been a combination of the two. Dallas & Toni were the one team I could root for, because they clearly have a stable, loving, and functional relationship. Unfortunately, losing their passports and all of their money (honestly, I would have been freaking out if I were in Russia without my passport... who cares about the money?) was an obstacle they just couldn't overcome. It's extra sad because they really seemed to be hitting their stride in the last leg, in which they actually managed to finally come in first. So now we're down to a final three that I don't especially care for. At this point I think I am putting my money on Nick & Starr. I think I do find them the least objectionable of the remaining teams (I have not thought any of the "treacherous" or "villainous" soundbites they've given have actually been all that treacherous or villainous... they're competitive, which is probably good given that this is a competition), and certainly the most competent. Even if they are not my favorite team of all-time to have been on the Race, at this point I think the smart money is on them winning. In the end, if you can only win one leg, it had better be the final one, but they've probably won the most legs out of any team that has ever competed (I think they've won about 5 legs at this point). Maybe if I say now that I want them to win, I'll feel better when they actually do. I don't want Ken & Tina to win because I find their whole relationship totally objectionable and vile. They aren't dysfunctional on the level of say, Jonathan & Victoria, but their relationship is obviously diseased. I assume Ken didn't just recently cheat on her, so if she can't forgive him for his indiscretion and leave it in the past, then I'm not sure their relationship has a future. Also, on a purely superficial note, given that he was a professional football player, I'm not sure that they actually need a million dollars (and yes, I realize that reality television is not a meritocracy... but I'm just saying what I think what would happen in a just universe! ). And finally, the frat boys are possibly the most incompetent team to have ever made it to the final three. They cannot win, simply because if they do, I don't think that I can ever watch this show ever again because it will mean that the game is deeply flawed. Other than that, I find them quintessentially fratty and unlikable, so just on that basis I wouldn't want them to win. So, as this season draws to an end, I go with the lesser of three evils. Sigh. Nick & Starr for the win.

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  1. taryn

    This doesn’t really fit with TAR, apart from your ranting about how the teams are stupid and incompetent, but it’s a good read:

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