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2nd December
written by Steph

There is little the dogs love more than watching the street... Maybe turkey

The pups literally spent hours staring out at the street on Thursday

This post is a little late, but Tony & I did celebrate American Thanksgiving. In the midst of long workdays as I struggled to revise a manuscript for publication, it was a welcome holiday and day of rest. You could say that this year, I was thankful for Thanksgiving.
Our "tiny" bird

Our "tiny" bird...

We always like to keep our celebration small, as neither of us have family down here. It would probably make more sense to just roast a large chicken to honor the occasion, but where's the fun in that? One of the best things about these "food" holidays is the leftovers! So we compromise and go for the smallest turkey we can get - this year, 10.9 pounds. In addition to turkey, we made some of our favorite sides: sweet potatoes topped with brown sugar & marshmallows (to me, this is such an American dish... but I must admit it's delicious), my mom's stuffing (the secret is sausage meat... makes it better than any other stuffing I've ever tried), carrot & turnip mash (add lots of garlic salt!), and creamed spinach. We paired our meal with a chardonnay from New Zealand that had a nice citrusy bite to it, and for dessert we ate a pumpkin pecan pie that Tony baked. Melding the best of both worlds, it was delicious.
pie, sweet potatoes, stuffing

From top: pie, sweet potatoes, stuffing.. bananas did not feature in our meal

As I had to work on Friday (and Tony did too), we didn't really take part in any of the crazy Black Friday shopping shenanigans. We did head out to the mall after work, but either the sales are not that great here in Nashville, OR maybe the sales had ended (I personally am voting for the first option). Found a cute pair of boots that I loved, but the suffered from the standard flaw of being designed for women with tiny chicken legs (read: no calves). The alternate problem seems to be that if they fit my calf, then they are really baggy and loose in the ankles... why do shoe designers think that women have completely cylindrical lower legs? Have they not looked at a Victorian era coffee table? Boot rant aside, Tony got a really nice leather jacket (at Target, no less) the day before Thanksgiving, and despite his misgivings when I made him try it on, he looks smokin' in it, and fully admits to loving it now. Feeling disappointed that we hadn't somehow snagged a great deal on something we didn't really need and were coming away from the "sales" empty handed, we stopped by the local used-video game store, and wound up buying... a Wii! It's refurbished, so it didn't come with the Sports game, but I intend to rectify that in the future (why have a Wii if you can't play tennis, I ask you!). We stayed up well past our bedtime, playing Super Mario Galaxy, which is extremely fun, but also extremely discombobulating. This year, I'm extremely thankful for my family and good friends, for Tony & the pups, and overall to be at a place in my life where I feel happy and secure. With the exception of grad school (and even it occasionally has its perks), my life is pretty darn good. This year has been hard at times, but overall, I'm very satisfied. I hope all of you had a similarly nice weekend, regardless of whether you celebrated the holiday or not. The final product


  1. Simona

    Yay! Welcome to the world of Wii!

    Mario Galaxy is the best game on there in my opinion. Although I picked up Guitar Hero: World Tour yesterday and am loving it. The drums are really the best part.

    Also: sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows as part of a main meal? Interesting. Isn’t it too sweet?

  2. stephandtony

    Along with MG, we also purchased the Zelda game, and Death Jr: Root of Evil (it looked so cute! I couldn’t resist). So far, we’ve only tackled MG, which is super fun, and does two-play surprisingly well!

    Of course, we also recently purchased Little Big Planet for PS3, and it might very well be the best game ever, so it’s been hard not playing favorites with either system. 😉

    As for the sweet potatoes, Tony wants me to tell you that they are not too sweet, just sweeeet!

  3. taryn

    Steph, you found boots DESIGNED for chicken-legs? (which, not coincidentally, was one of the many nicknames i was saddled with as a child). How many times must i tell you that i’m a size 38? 😛

    Ahh, you have a Wii too! Did i tell you that MY MOM got one for her birthday? MY MOTHER, who wouldn’t let us have any sort of video gaming system when we were growing up. Add this to the “oh no, i’m allergic to pets / oh, i don’t mind living with my boyfriend’s cat” and i think i’m beginning to see a trend here….. grrr! On the upside, apparently Raigan & Mare also love the Wii tennis, so Mom wants to plan a family tournament while i’m back over the holidays. Ironically, as Simona can attest to, i’m actually quite bad at Wii/fake tennis!

    I can’t believe 10.9 lbs was the smallest turkey available!! I guess it’s true what they say about portion sizes in the States…. I believe the bird i cooked for Cdn Thanksgiving was around that size, maybe a pound more, and the 5 of us at dinner didn’t even get through half of it! But yes, i do agree that leftovers are almost the point of it… 🙂

  4. stephandtony

    Dude, just go shopping for boots ANYWHERE right now and I’m sure you’ll find ones that fit your bony little leg. As I mentioned, the other possible boot you’ll find is the one that is loose and baggy at the ankle, which Tony and I have deduced is because people seem to want to tuck their pants into boots, but I think you’re also a fan of that trend anyway, so that probably won’t bother you either!

    I have no interest in ever playing real-life tennis (although I did love when we had access to racquetball courts!), but I love me some Wii tennis. Who knows, maybe it’s the one venue in which I can beat Tony at a racquet sport…

    We bought our turkey at Sam’s Club, so it’s possible that their birds tend to skew a little larger than if we had gone to a conventional grocery store. But at 69¢ a pound, how could we say no?

  5. 12/04/2008

    Super Mario Galaxy is so much fun! Kalem also played Super Paper Mario which is super adorable and fun to watch (which is all I ever do with video games, unless it’s Mario Party). Zelda’s not as much fun to watch, but Kalem rather enjoyed it. I am glad that you had a great Thanksgiving! We only had three people (including us) and cooked for like a family of six. So, I’ve been eating turkey salad and it’s going out of style and I love it.

    I hear you on the boots. The only skinny parts of me are my wrists and ankles, so I can’t find boots to save my life (I’ve been on the hunt for months now). Good luck to us both!

  6. 12/04/2008

    Oh my goodness, my comment worked! Apparently, I have to give every detail about my life for it to, but it did! yay!

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