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2nd November
written by Steph
Tony & I created this blog so that we could create something commemorating and celebrating our life together. And no, it isn't intended to be one of those sappy couple blogs, so much as an exercise in writing for both of us on topics that engage us and ignite our passions (but, you know, platonic passions. Friendly for all readers!). Tony is a graphic designer by trade - formerly a professional photographer - and he also dabbles in web design (he's chiefly responsible for getting this site up and running, as well as all future face lifts), and he plans to post about his investigations into topics of that ilk. I'm a graduate student by day in the domain of cognitive neuroscience, but I like to keep that element of my life fairly segregated from my "real life" (which I possibly live out in "real" America), which is to say that I am unlikely to write about things of a scientific nature, unless they should crop up in popular media sources and infuriate me due to their oversimplification of complex and potentially unanswerable questions. Instead, I would like to use this site as an outlet for my other interests such as books, cooking/food, movies, tv, and music. An obsessive list-maker, I've been keeping track of the books I've read for pleasure over the past three years, and would like to formalize the process by actually reviewing each book I read, using complete sentences even! Tony would like you to know that he also intends to write about all of those categories, as well as video games. We live, laugh, and love in Nashville, TN, so our (mis)adventures around the buckle of the Bible Belt will likely feature as well. So yeah, pretty much a blog like any other, only not, because this time WE'RE doing it, which automatically means it will be slightly more awesome.

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