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28th May
written by Steph
It likely will live long and prosper

It likely will live long and prosper

Last weekend, Tony and I took advantage of the fact that there is a drive-in movie theater not too far outside of Nashville where you can watch two recent movies for just $7 per person, and all from the comfort of your own car!  Ok, so it’s no Imax experience, BUT it’s kitschy and fun, they have a great snackbar (funnel cake!  philly cheese steaks!), and it’s actually a great way of watching movies you’re kind of interested in seeing but don’t want to pay full price to see.  We tend to go when there’s at least one movie playing that we want to watch, but have never left after just watching one of the movies… which is how we’ve wound up watching such cinematic gems as The Mummy 3 and You Don’t Mess With the Zohan (sadly, I am serious). But ok, sometimes there is a perfect storm where we wind up getting to see TWO movies we actually want to see.  Like last Sunday when after weeks of wanting to go to the drive-in but unwilling to sit through the Hannah Montana movie or Hotel for Dogs in order to do so, we saw they were airing a double header of the new Star Trek movie followed by I Love You, Man (which we had already seen, but enjoyed so much we were happy to see it again). So, onto the Star Trek movie proper: it was fun, engaging, and enjoyable!  Now, given that it has something like a 95% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and everyone you know has probably been pooping their pants over the movie, you might go in expecting it to be the best movie you’ve seen in a long while.  Well, depending on the movies you watch and how often you watch them, this might very well be true, but in all likelihood it won’t be.  I mean, the movie is good, but it’s not out-of-this-world AMAZING (heh.  See what I did there?).  It’s a summer blockbuster movie, and you should go in expecting it to be just that.  Honestly, I think a good reason why this Star Trek flick is being hyped so much is because apparently the other movies have been pretty cruddy and floptastic, appealing to few others outside of the hardcore Trekkie fandom.  So certainly the new Star Trek movie is a huge improvement in that respect because I have never seen an entire episode of any of the shows in any of their guises, nor have I ever had any desire to see any of the previous movies, but I actually was the one who suggested we go see this to Tony.  And I enjoyed myself while we watched it, and I never asked how much longer there was (or surreptitiously looked at my watch), nor did I guffaw at the “science” in the movie or the implausibility of many scenarios (although at one point I was really trying to figure out the logic behind some time travel stuff that happens, and finally I just had to give up and go with it), because I’m not always a dick… in fact, there were quite a few moments where the movie elicited genuine laughs from me (due to intentional jokes, I might add), and I even got invested in certain characters, so well done, Star Trek (2009). But I won’t lie: if you’re not a pre-existing Star Trek fan going in, you will not enjoy the movie as much as people who have been going around doing the Vulcan “V” thing with their hands (true fact, I can ONLY do that with my left hand!  I can’t even wrench my fingers apart manually on my right hand in a convincing way.  Weird, right?) telling folks to “Live Long and Prosper”.  It’s not that the movie is confusing for newbies, it’s just that fans of the series go in already knowing who’s who, and will get an extra thrill seeing the Russian Math Prodigy guy, or the Asian Pilot guy, or Scotty (ok, fine, I knew who Scotty was), and there were little jokes thrown in there that seemed innocuous to me but Tony appreciated them way more because they throw back (or is it throw forward if this a prequel?) to stuff that’s been well-established in the original series.  I don’t know.  Maybe my experience is completely singular in that I may be the only person on the planet who knew so little about Star Trek going into the movie.  But with all that in mind, I did like it and would go see another when the inevitable sequel is made two years from now.  Still, the drive-in really was the perfect venue for watching the movie in my book because it allowed to me to blurt out whichever questions I had on the spot without worrying about pissing off a crowd of movie-goers.  Good fun for fans and non-fans, but not necessarily alike. Rating: 3.5 out of 5


  1. Kay

    We saw it too last week, and I must say we did enjoy it! I’m not a Star Trek fan like the Man here is, but I’ve watched enough to understand the universe – even if, like Tony, he caught a few jokes that I didn’t. It was surprising to me, as I usually am not a fan of Star Trek. I thought it was more “current” than most Star Trek movies.

    And funny, I too can only make the “V” with my left hand! Well, I can roughly do it with my right, but it’s difficult, while the left hand is a natural at it! Weird indeed.

  2. 05/28/2009

    I thought the movie was good until the very end when it just…ended. Lots of building up for nothing.

    And I can only create the ‘V’ with my left hand too. My right hand’s attempts are pretty much laughable.

  3. 05/28/2009

    I saw Star Trek the first day it came out and I thought it was great! So much so that I saw it two days later. 🙂 I’m not really a Trekkie, but I’ve seen the older movies so I was familiar with the characters. I didn’t get all of the “in” jokes, but it was funny (and fun) nonetheless. I wish I could have gone to see it in a drive-in theater! There aren’t any in D.C. (of course), but we had a couple near my home in St. Louis. They were so fun! I’m glad you and Tony had a good time.

  4. 05/28/2009

    @ Kay: I agree that this movie feels more “current” somehow – I think that it could have been successful in its own right, even without having Star Trek to anchor it. As I said, it’s the only Star Trek movie I’ve ever seen, and so I am about the furthest thing from a Trekkie, but I liked it a lot.


    @ Christina: I’m glad that I’m not alone in being pretty onehanded in my “V”! I wonder if there’s some kind of inverse correlation with whatever your dominant hand is? Also, I suppose the movie does just kind of end… Ah well, I suppose one doesn’t really go to these kinds of films for groundbreaking storytelling and cinema.


    @ J.S.: Yup, the movie is still fun for those who are less familiar with the series, which I think is its greatest asset in the end. The Star Trek fanbase is huge, I’m sure, but I bet the studio was happy they were getting a lot of new people into the seats as well. It was definitely a good movie to see at the drive-in!

  5. I’ve never been a Trekie, but I did like this movie. I agree the ending was a little abrupt, but I think maybe it lends itself to a sequel.

    Also, I am jealous you got to see the movie at a drive-in. I haven’t been to one in awhile, but I always have a good time. I sometimes fall asleep during the second, not as awesome movie, but I figure for the price I’m not missing much 🙂

  6. 05/29/2009

    @ Kim: Drive-ins are the best! I had never been to one prior to moving to Nashville, but now I am always eagerly checking to see what’s playing. And you’re right, given the price, you can afford to skip out (or sleep out!) on the second film if it’s not your thing!
    And yes, I am confident they’ll be doing a sequel to this film given the great response it’s gotten.

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