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14th April
written by Steph
Who wouldn't?

This poster comes nowhere near to illustrating the horror that is Jason Segel's hair in the movie proper

I know!  Another wedding movie!  But this one focuses on the groom side of things, and is not remotely depressing, so you can’t fault us for going to this one on a recent date night!  It has Paul Rudd!  And Jason Segel (who we love, if only he could do something about his hair… is he on drugs?  Because he really looks like he is…)!  Truth be told, we would have gone to see this if it were about non-wedding things, like skydiving or grave robbing (or you know, skydiving grave robbers). But as it stands, I Love You, Man revolves around straight-laced but all around nice guy Peter Klaven’s (Rudd) search for a guy best friend so he can have a best man at his wedding.  It’s not clear to me why Peter couldn’t just ask his brother or his dad (or both) to stand up with him.  Also, if his fiancée (played by Rashida Jones, perhaps best known to you as Karen Phillipelli of The Office, who seems like a middle of the road actress but who really needs to not wear bangs as they make her look dowdy) were really so concerned about not having him feel awkward about having a smaller social circle than herself, why couldn’t she have just had her two best friends be her bridal party, rather than having a bridal part of like, 8 girls?  Clearly I have thought about this too much.  ANYWAY, Peter has always been a girlfriend guy rather than a guy-friend guy, so he sets out to rectify this.  It seems as though Lady Luck smiles on Peter because after several awkward “man dates” (and just crippling awkwardness on Peter’s part), he happens to cross paths with one Sydney Fife (Segel) while hosting an open house.  They hit it off, have a series of misadventures, a bunch of laughs, things get rocky, but ultimately both of them learn from the other and become more fulfilled in the process. It’s a fun movie that will make you laugh and will also make you cringe.  The plot is mostly predictable, but there were a few welcome surprises along the way, and really, you’re not going into this movie hoping for something earth-shattering anyway.  Segel is good as Sydney, but Paul Rudd is better as Peter – he plays the straight man really well, and is convincing in his portrayal of Peter as an average guy who’s nice and just a bit uptight and a whole lot of awkward.  In essence, Peter is dorky in the way that all nice guys kind of are (@ Tony: but not you, honey!  Nothing dorky about you at all!).  Particularly enjoyable are the frequent moments when Peter experiences massive verbal diarrhea, whether he’s trying to come up with a good nickname for Sydney, his attempts at using slang or employing any kind of accent, or any moment where he’s trying to come off as blasé, when we all know he’s secretly squealing like a little girl inside.  Segel and Rudd do banter well, and they get a nice synergy going; think Turk & J.D. on Scrubs and you've got the picture. Really enjoyable movie that’s great for a date night out.  You will laugh a lot.  Well worth the ticket price. Rating: 4 out of 5


  1. 04/14/2009

    I would like to see this.

  2. 04/14/2009

    Okay, I’m sold! I’m dragging BiblioGuy to see this with me on Sunday. (Here’s hoping I’ll be recovered from the Read-a-thon by then!)

  3. 04/15/2009

    Now it reminds me that almost all my buddies didn’t ask their brothers to be best man. This one does sound good.

  4. 04/16/2009

    Honey, just admit it: you are watching wedding movies because you’re getting married. It’s okay! We understand! :). Most people (okay, women) become wedding-focused until the big day.

    I’m SO thrilled about your dress! I cannot wait for pictures. I’m sure you will look gorgeous in it. When do you plan on getting married? I’m not surprised that, given how brilliant you are, wedding planning has been a breeze for you. Keep me posted!

  5. Ben

    This was a good movie, paul rudd is very good at being incredibly awkward. But I kind of wonder if jason seagul and him switched roles if it might be funnier?

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