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24th March
written by Tony
Fare thee well, beast.

Fare thee well, beast.

Yes, we name our cars. So what? Wanna fight about it? Anyway, doesn't everyone name their car? Ahem. It was becoming apparent that getting rid of my former "dream car" was the wise move, based on its declining trade-in value, increasing miles and rather painful repair costs incurred of late. It had new tires and brakes (as well as some other things) so it seemed like the best time to get the most money for it and get into a car that is a little more responsible (in some ways, like gas and maintenance) and a little less... gigantic. I will say this: I did love Urglegrüe, quite a lot actually. She was a blast to drive and was quite possibly the poshest car I'll ever own. So we part ways with a bit of sadness, but also with some happiness, as we love our new car, so, so much. Behold:
Ta da!

Ta da!

This is Pip. He is a 2007 Electric Blue Mini Cooper S. We love the little guy, he's so quick it's almost scary and is just a blast to drive in general. He is also the polar opposite of my old car, the two-ton, V8 powerhouse that was literally twice the size of little Pip. One similarity is the fact that both are BMW products, a fact I am rather happy about (as I am a rather proud BMW fan). The dogs like him too.
Emmy would not be confined to the trunk, and Rory was just too small to get out.

Emmy would not be confined to the trunk, and Rory was just too small to get out.

So that's about it. We're thrilled and couldn't be happier about the swtich. One more glamor shot, for posterity, and then that is enough bragging for one post.



  1. Ben

    Congrats again man!

  2. Paul Kuehn

    Tony,its a beauty,and rorey looks like hes about to die of excitement,what a funny picture!!!Emmy seems to take it all in stride,I can tell you all are pretty wild about it ,so watch out thats when you get your first dent or scratch !!!I named my car too , buy I cant print it publically HAHAHA!!!!!! Love Mom

  3. 03/25/2009

    Love the new car! It’s so cute and I love the color. The name is great too!

  4. 03/25/2009

    I was hoping to get a yellow one, but the fates decided we were to get a blue car. I think Pip is the perfect name for him; not sure what I would have called the car if it had been yellow. The blue is definitely growing on me!

  5. Paul Kuehn

    Hey son, this is your Pop, you broke tradition by giving your car a male gender name? But you know, I honestly can’t think of a good female label. Maybe it’s time we all changed our ways. Looks like a sapphire to me-nice car, eh? A real gem. I had to look up the spelling on sapphire.

  6. taryn

    Hey Tony,

    Steph told me about the new addition to the family — congrats!! Pip looks super cute, and surprisingly spacious even when carrying both puppies. Perhaps we could book some playtime for Pip and Yaris this summer? Yes, i named my silver Toyota Yaris “Yaris”, because i couldn’t think of anything original when i got her, and i didn’t want her to be nameless for our drive home to Montreal, as i thought it would hamper the bonding. But you know what? Whatever. My first-ever stuffed animal (that i have a memory of, mind) was a rabbit named “Rabbit”, so frankly i think we should just all be pleased that i didn’t name my first car, “Car” 😉

  7. 03/30/2009

    @ Tagny: Yeah, he actually does have quite a bit of room (for a 12 ft [~3.6m for you metric folk] long micro car) especially when you fold down the back seats. I can actually sit in the back, behind Steph with her seat in a normal position, without breaking any bones (granted, it isn’t very comfortable). If by “playtime” you’re insinuating a visit, I say yes gladly. And I have to say, based on the story, Car would have been a pretty funny name, though Yaris isn’t bad either. Congrats on your car, by the way. It’s exciting, isn’t it? And I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Yaris, I’m sure you’ll be very happy with her! Also, the fashion article you posted on OMGWTFBBQ was brilliant, thanks!

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