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20th March
written by Steph
Was this one really a surprise?  No.  I was amused with the format of the judging this time, mostly at how much the judge appeared to loathe Harry, Revised.  It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who sometimes has over-the-top, visceral, negative reactions to books! 😉  To share in my amusement, go here. With City of Refuge passed through to the semi-finals, I'll be intensely interested in seeing how it does against 2666.  I think that it is the one book that might have a shot at taking down the Bolañosaurus (™ ToB commentator, Kevin Guilfoile). On Monday:  Shadow Country vs. The Lazarus Project.  Crap. I still have no idea how to call either of these two books in separate matches, never mind up against one another.  I'm gonna go with The Lazarus Project, just because.


  1. 03/21/2009

    Bolañosaurus, haha. Love that. I have to get that into one of my posts in the future, lol.

  2. 03/22/2009

    I’m sure it will make a reappearance when we’ve started to chip away at 2666!

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