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19th March
written by Steph
Yessssssss!  I have never been happier to be wrong about my prediction regarding this match-up.  Judge Newton did the right thing and ousted the execrable A Partisan's Daughter and I am jumping for joy!  No tantrums!  Huzzah! That being said, the more I read about 2666, the less enthusiastic I am about eventually reading it.  In light of it winning this match-up, one of the commentators went back and revisited 2666 in an attempt to see if he could improve his impression of it.  He couldn't, and his description of the content (such as it is) sounds both mind-bogglingly dull as well as distasteful.  I have a copy of the book so I will of course give it a try, but I'll be dragging my feet! 😉  To read more, see here. Tomorrow: Round 2 continues with Harry, Revised duking it out with City of Refuge.  I feel pretty confident calling this one in favor of City of Refuge.  Check back tomorrow to see if I am proven wrong!


  1. 03/19/2009

    Yay, I share your disdain for Partisan because I believed every word of your review lol! However, unlike you, I’m super excited to read 2666, and haven’t done so only because of ‘delaying gratification.’ I’m like that with books I really really really want to read. I’ve heard from other bloggers it’s not for everyone though. And honestly, the first lines reminded me of Umberto Eco haha. 😀

  2. 03/19/2009

    Not Umberto Eco! 😛 I haven’t read anything from it, and haven’t really read all that much about it, so it could be that I’m giving too much weight to the commentators… but I am wondering if I should try one of his shorter books first to see if I like his style. I am terrified his work will be misogynistic, vulgar, and violent, but I suppose I have to try it out for myself to see if it’s my kind of thing. I’m still up for doing a read along in a few months time if you’ve decided to no longer delay your gratification at that point!

  3. 03/19/2009

    Steph, are you planning on reading a shorter work of his first? I’m ready to go ahead maybe on May. And only one section a month. I don’t want to be reading the whole book at one go. Would you like to do a regular review as usual or possibly have a set of questions that we can both answer. It might be really interesting, as I’m sure we’ll have differing thoughts..

  4. 03/20/2009

    @ Claire: I would be up for doing a Q&A format for the reviews – it might be fun to shake things up, and I do think it’s likely we will have differing thoughts! I do still think I’ll try a shorter work first to get into the right groove, but I should be ready by May!
    @ Chavonne: I am adding it to my library queue right now! I have heard a bit about this book already, but your recommendation is what has pushed me over the edge! Thanks! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  5. 03/20/2009

    Hi, Steph! I have a book recommendation: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. It’s definitely a light read and not nearly as intelligent as most of the books you read, but it was a quick read and really very cute. :).

  6. 03/20/2009

    Ok then.. May it is! Let’s do our wrap-up post for Book 1 near the end of May?

  7. 03/20/2009

    I’m so glad. I hope you like it because I thought it was absolutely darling.

    2666 is on my list of books to read. I have heard good things about it (though I heard most of them in Oprah magazine–gulp). I didn’t realize that it was so long, though. If anything, this makes me want to read it more–you know how I love lugging super heavy novels around for weeks at a time :).

  8. 03/20/2009

    @ Claire: Yes, end of May should be fine. Let’s do this thing! We should also figure out some questions to keep in mind for doing our write-up… Maybe as the time gets closer we can post and have people suggest questions for us to answer in our reading.
    @ Chavonne: I know, whereas I tend to avoid those hulking novels, you just adore them! I did add the Potato Peel book to my library request queue (I’m angry at the library for limiting its patrons to only 10 requests at a time!), but I’m currently 124 on the list (for 1 of 19 copies…)! Yowza!

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