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13th March
written by Steph
Here was a match-up I really had a hard time laying down a prediction for, but it also counts as one that I accurately called.  My premonition that the superficially light-weight vibe of Frankie would work against it turned out to be true.  To be fair, I didn't think Frankie was as nearly flawless/amazing/insightful as the commentators' raves would have you believe, but it wasn't a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and was likely a very good example of what YA literature can achieve (I am hypothesizing here, because I don't really read YA literature, and so if YA literature tends to be more on the Twilight end of things, then Frankie definitely deserves all the accolades it is receiving, and yes, one certainly could do worse than it!).  But I don't think the judge could get over it being YA, and to be honest, as true as many moments rang throughout the course of it, to me Frankie didn't transcend that boundary either.  I agree that comparing Frankie to Shadow Country is akin to the old "apples and oranges", but them's the breaks and while it might have prevailed against a title like Harry, Revised that's not how the cards were dealt.  For more details, go here. People who love Frankie are very vocal about it, so it's entirely possible that it might come back in the zombie round...  For what it's worth, it's probably the book I have enjoyed most out of the ToB contenders that I've read thus far.  Based on what I read, I'm not sure if Shadow Country is really something I'm interested in reading - the topic sounds reasonably interesting, but why so long?  (Ok, I know it's so long because it was really three books that merged into 1, but still!)  It sounds like it's more fun to read than 2666, but it may be six of one, a dozen of the other, if you see what I'm saying. On Monday: The Lazarus Project vs. The Northern Clemency.  The former, I know nothing about, and the latter has been likened to a British version of The Corrections.  I find this one hard to call, but I think I'll give it to The Northern Clemency.  Monica Ali is British, right?  That makes sense and is enough of a reason to suspect she'll vote for it, no?


  1. 03/16/2009

    I had hoped to keep up with this contest this year, but sadly, I fell way behind. I am glad that you are blogging about this though, at least now I can keep partially up to speed with it!

  2. 03/16/2009

    I’m keeping track of the competition as it progresses, but I wasn’t able to read the majority of the books prior to its kick off (wait – it’s a basketball analogy, so maybe tip off is a better term here?). It’s been fun seeing how the matches go, although I do wish I had more of an informed opinion in certain cases!

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