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12th March
written by Tony
Tapes 'n' Tapes, 2009, Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN

Tapes 'n' Tapes, 2009, Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN

Steph and I are big fans of Tapes 'n' Tapes, so when they came to Nashville we jumped on the chance to see them, especially for only $10 a pop. Unfortunately (for the band) the show only sold 50 pre-sale tickets and the venue was far from full. This is too bad, considering just how much TnT rocks (literally and figuratively). I'll get the least interesting (but also best) part of the post out of the way: Tapes 'n' Tapes played a really good show, and we were very happy that we got to see them in a great venue without being crushed by mobs of people. However, the more interesting (though generally more disappointing) aspect of the show was certainly the opening act (and several audience members - more on that and a VIDEO after the jump). The opening act, Wild Light, was less than stellar. We discovered after the show began that one of the members of the opening act was also staffing the merch table (good thing we avoided making any snide comments while we got some TnT swag), nice. In any case we think this band was a case of mistaken identity. A note — if you are easily offended by things that seem offensive but actually aren't, don't bother continuing. Both Steph and myself are convinced that the lead signer of Wild Light (at least we think he was the lead singer, they kept switching instruments and chairs) was modeling himself after the lead singer of the Killers and also a little of Keane (based on the tiny straight leg white jeans he stuffed himself into and his lilting imitation of the distinctive Killers vocal style). Next we had the Bass/trumpet/percussion/guitar/also lead singer who desperately wanted to be in Hot Hot Heat. The drummer, fortunately, stayed put and the third lead man was unremarkable. Overall the band was underwhelming, except for the notable (mainly for the name) "Fuck California." Sigh. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is called Crazy-Dancin' Man (not to be confused with Crazy Dancin' Man, who dances without a shirt to his Walkman near the interstate and is just crazy. The hyphen is a very important distinction if you live in Nashville). We are convinced that we have seen CDM at other concerts around Nashville doing what he does best: dancing frenetically in the front row for the duration of the show, even to the bad opener. We are sure he was at the last Stars concert we went to and Steph is certain she saw him at a Decemberists concert several years ago. None of these bands are really made for dancing, at least not the hip-hop, throw your arms up, man handle the guy nearest you style of dancing CDM exhibits. This would normally be enough to keep us amused while we watch CDM bear hug a random audience member and jump up and down like a maniac, if it weren't for another tiny (and, I'll admit, slightly stereotypical) thing. CDM is an enormous, extremely well built, slightly terrifying black man. Now, there is nothing wrong with any of that (my feeling a need to state something so obvious makes me feel a little ashamed of myself, honestly, but there you have it) but it is a little atypical for this kind of show, or any of the other shows we saw him at prior to this. I'll be the first to admit that if there is such a thing as "white person's music" Tapes 'n' Tapes, Stars and the Decemberists are it. I'll also (sheepishly) admit that he was, other than his two friends, the only black person at any of these shows. I'll also say he is possibly the most awesome person at any of them, and maybe the most awesome person ever. A little ways into the set (after song five to be precise) CDM and his friends started giving high-fives. To everyone. But especially to TnT. The band members were pleasantly surprised and said they had never gotten high fives so early in a set (and possibly at all). A few songs later the lead singer of TnT, after finishing a song, grabbed the mic, looked over the audience and said: TnT: "If I were a betting man... I'd say there are going to be more high fives before the show is over." CDM: "You bet your ass!" wildly gesticulating, jumping up and down and screaming Just awesome. This is concert gold, people. This is why a live show is always worth the money. A little later the keyboard player started taking video of the scene, which I thought was a capital idea. So, as promised, here it is, our little highlight reel. Look for the big guy in the yellow tee-shirt, he's kind of hard to miss. Unfortunately, there were more moments (jumping up and down giving high fives with both hands at the peak of every jump — this had to have been practiced, it just had to be) that we missed, but these are a few good ones. YouTube Preview Image I'll end this post by saying that I think CDM is great. He brings the kind of enthusiasm to these shows that you just don't find in your typical hipster/emo, and I thank him for that. I'll also say that he and his friends seem like a really nice bunch of, possibly gay, men (one of them did take a picture of Steph and then say in a high pitched voice "fashion!!") and I really, really hope I see them at every show we go to in the future, because they make everything better. We have a Flight of the Conchords show and a Death Cab for Cutie show coming up, I'll be certain to keep you all posted and take more video if the phenomenon continues.


  1. Ben

    oh Crazy-Dancing Man, so fun to watch; not to stand within a 5 foot radius of. Unfortunately the crazy-dancing guys I run into are usually Huge (in every sense of the word), sweaty (to an obscene amount), and drunken. We need more of this CDM your describing, concerts would be infinitely better. Glad it was a good show, I can’t decide if I’m going to go see Death Cab or Flight of the Concords yet, Death Cab because its at roy wilkins which is an awful venue, Flight of the Concords because its crazy expensive.

  2. 03/12/2009

    Yeah, we kept our distance. I need a sweaty man-hug about as much as I need a third nipple.

    I’d rather see a good band at a bad venue than a bad band at a good venue. I know that’s not helpful. But maybe you see my point anyway.

  3. Ben

    ha that is a good point, I should be getting my tax return pretty soon so maybe I’ll go to both. I haven’t been getting out to any shows lately.

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