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14th May
written by Steph
Despite my genuine desire to keep some semblance of regular content flowing on this site, I’ve obviously been having a tough time of it. I have actually been reading books, though not as many as I would like, and not all of them great. I think I partially feel pressure to write reviews/musings of the same caliber/scope/tone as I used to, when the reality is that even when I manage to squeeze in time for reading amidst all of this traveling, I don’t then tend to have too much time to ruminate over everything I have read. I feel pressured to write something meaningful and insightful about every book that I finish (or make substantial progress on before abandoning) here as that’s what I’ve always done, but perhaps that’s been the wrong tack to take. Perhaps I should just return to the original purpose of the posts I used to write here when I didn’t think anyone else out there was reading, which was simply to document whatever thoughts I might have about whatever it is I might have read, without fear of these thoughts being incoherent or not highbrow enough to worth documenting. I’m glad I’ve been able to track my reading through my GoodReads profile (are we friends on GoodReads? If not, we should be!), but I’d like something a bit more than what I read, when I read it, and a somewhat arbitrary star rating. So once, again, I’m going to start fresh and, much like Thomas at My Porch with his Bits & Bobs posts, will simply say whatever comes to mind about the few books I’ve read since I last updated. (more…)