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13th April
written by Steph

I’m not pointing any fingers at this book in particular but I have decided to suspend my Indiespensible subscription for the time being. While I love the idea of receiving a beautiful book (along with extra goodies!) every 6 weeks, at $40 per installment I really want to be loving the books I am getting. And truth be told, the books I’ve read via Indiespensible thus far I’ve just found mediocre. Of the three I’ve read, all of them (including this one) are 3.5/5 reads… which isn’t terrible—I certainly don’t regret my time spent with these books—but they aren’t exactly books that are setting my world on fire. The Fates Will Find Their Way is a book I probably wouldn’t have read if not for Indiespensible. The premise—a girl goes missing from a small neighborhood, and the local boys are irrevocably shaken by this, making up stories about her possible futures well into middle age—while intriguing, was undeniably reminiscent to Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Virgin Suicides. I really liked TVS so any book put up against it is going to have some stiff competition. However, Indiespensible sent it my way and all of the pre-pub reviews had been really positive, so I gave it a go, but I have to say, I wound up feeling very ambivalent about this book. (more…)