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11th April
written by Steph

Please support your local bookstores so that I don't go to the poorhouse...

By now, many fellow bloggers have posted about the spoils of trips to Borders locations that are closing in the face of the corporation's recent declaration of Bankruptcy. In the Nashville area there are three Borders locations and all but one are closing their doors. The first location that is slated to close does so at the end of this week, so Tony and I decided to go check it out one last time to see if there was anything left worth bringing home. With literature prices slashed to 70% off, I didn't expect to really find anything, but as you can see from the above picture, clearly I did. Turns out that my reading tastes are perhaps not quite as mainstream as the general public's. Their loss is my gain, and all that, but I feel like one thing that has been missing from many of the posts I've read about these store closings is how unbelievably depressing the atmosphere is. The closing of any bookstore makes me sad in principle, but to actually witness a repository of books being dismantled, the shelves bare, books carelessly shelved any which where... depressing is the only word. Thankfully I was able to bring some lovelies home with me so they can escape the indignity of the pulp pile, but my visit to Borders did reiterate to me just how little most people value and treasure books. Sad. But enough maudlin musings. Let's revel in the good stuff after the jump! (more…)