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9th March
written by Steph


Apologies for the lack of updates here of late. Alas, expect them to persist for a little while at least, since I am suffering a case of what I am referring to as Reader's Rage. An extreme form of a reading slump (is it the time of year? Everyone seems to have the bookish doldrums of late), it's not just that every book I've picked up over the past two weeks has failed to excite or interest but rather almost all of them have made me waspish and annoyed. I keep thinking the characters are stupid or that the focus is trivial and while part of me desperately wants to be reading, as soon as I pick up a book, I want to be doing anything else. I've probably read the first 20 pages of five or six books in the past week or so but nothing feels right. So I abandon ship and try something else only to find the same issues cropping up. I have to assume it's not the books' faults, it's mine. Normally I'd turn to an old favorite, but given my current mood, I fear I'd find the suck fairy had gotten into them, thus destroying a once beloved book due to my crotchety mood. And writing hasn't been any better. I have a handful of books I need to cover on the blog, but whenever I open up a file to start typing, I find I have nothing to say. Which is a shame and just plain wrong because these books are pretty good and deserve having things said about them. Positive things even! But the words, they will not come. I fear I have lost my groove! I know I'll get it back, but I'm going to give myself a guilt-free breather until I find my way home again. Let me tell you, feeling like books are your worst enemy rather than your best friends is a terrible feeling. I hope I can shake it soon! Anyone out there experienced the same thing and have any tips?
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