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25th August
written by Steph
Yesterday, I finally decided to treat myself to something nice, and signed up for an on-going subscription to Powell's Indiespensible club. The Indiespensible program is one I've been familiar with for a while, but hadn't joined, due to its rather sizable subscription fee of $39.95 per mailing. That's a lot for one book, even if it is a signed hardcover that comes with its own commemorative box. However, a few things tipped me over the edge: 1) Did you know that along with your book (and box) every six weeks, you also get sent other surprise gifts? I love a surprise (well, most of the time), and I love getting more than just a book for $40! Previous gifts have included baked goods (really!), paperback novels by other authors they feel complement the current mailer, totebags, notebooks, shot glasses, and so much more... I love it!

There's a bird on the box!

2) The real impetus: the next installment (#21) is Jonathan Franzen's Freedom. By now you're probably sick of hearing about a book that hasn't even been released (I know Jennifer Weiner is...), but I'm super excited for it, and the prospect of a signed first-edition was more than I could pass up. I was doing some internet browsing to see if I wanted to pre-order the book from an online retailer, but it seems only Amazon is currently offering it at $15. Now, $15 is a price I'd be more than happy to pay for a hardcover (whereas in-store prices of $30, are a bit much), however I really didn't want to order through Amazon if I didn't have to. On a whim, I checked out Powell's, and saw that Freedom was their next Indiespensible pick, and while $39.95 is far more than I thought I might pay, I realized that I would actually appreciate all the bells and whistles for this particular book. It's something I know I'll treasure, and I'm also looking forward to receiving the first part of Paul Murray's Skippy Dies (amongst other heretofore unrevealed surprises).  I definitely feel this is an instance where by spending more, I'm getting way more bang for my buck. So tell me, are there any other Indiespensible members out there? If so, what's been your favorite installment thus far? If not, are you at all tempted to join? What's held you back?