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24th October
written by Steph
[Note: For those interested in skipping all this preamble and going directly to the mealplan, click here!] The Background When Tony and I got married, I went into overdrive when it came to our finances.  We sat down and tried to streamline everything and figure out what our basic required costs were (e.g., rent, car insurance, food, etc.,) as well as all the other little “extras” we indulge in (e.g., Netflix, phone, internet, gym memberships, etc.,), so that we could have a good working estimate of how much we have going out versus what we have coming in each month.  Even though it was stressful to sit down and talk money, it ultimately wound up being really good because it meant we could know without reservations or guilt how much we could spend on frivolous things, while still meeting our other financial obligations AND still putting some money away in savings each month. The one thing that threw a wrench in the works when it came to outlining our finances was our monthly grocery bill.  We had rough estimates, but we had no real sense of how much we spent each month on food.  Our estimates were roughly $400, but we had no idea.  So I decided to start logging each of our weekly grocery bills so that we could know for certain exactly how much we spend on food. (more…)