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12th October
written by Steph
As I have now mentioned at least twice on the blog, I was away from last Wednesday to Friday for a scientific workshop meeting comprised of about 30 psychologists studying various aspects of perceptual expertise.  Fascinating, right?  I know you all wish you could have been there.  Well, one of the perks of these meetings is that we get to eat out at relatively swanky restaurants so that we can mingle and be social psychologists, even though we are not in fact Social Psychologists.  Anyway, moving past that horrible joke, on Wednesday night I was in for a real treat because I happened to wind up at a table along with a man who was born in Cape Town, South Africa.  Given the slant of this here blog, I’m sure it’s of no surprise to any of you that I would much rather talk to someone about literature than I would about science, so inevitably I swung the conversation around to books, and specifically asked my fellow diner whether he had read Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee (as well as how you correctly pronounce, “Coetzee”!  I haven't quite mastered it, but the closest I can get is "Cut-zee-ay".). (more…)