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26th August
written by Steph
Portrait of the Chef as a Young Jackhole

Portrait of the Chef as a Young Jackhole

As self-professed foodies, one of the shows Tony & I enjoyed most this summer was Top Chef Masters.  We were truly sad to see it come to an end, as each week we were dazzled and excited by all these top-of-their-game chefs concocting mouth-watering creations each week.  Sure the new season of Top Chef has started up, but it’s already clear the cooking won’t be nearly up to the same standards we’ve now come to expect, and unfortunately the show will feel the need to add in interpersonal dramas, as if the cooking itself weren’t exciting enough.  With a TCM-sized hole in my life, I found my appetite was whet for a deeper look into all things food.  Thus, I sought out Anthony Bourdain’s memoir of sorts, Kitchen Confidential. Now, Tony and I have tried to watch No Reservations, Bourdain’s tv show.  After all, on paper it combines two of our passions: travel & food.  But unfortunately, we just couldn’t get into it, and this was largely due, I must confess, to Bourdain himself.  I find him really unpalatable, so brash and arrogant… a guy who’s trying way to hard to show how bad-ass he is, that he doesn’t give an eff, who thinks he’s God’s gift and oh so funny and snarky.  I’m sorry, but no.  I don’t need his snipey commentary!  The places he’s visiting and the food he’s eating are interesting enough without all his asides.  But maybe if he were just less of an asshole I wouldn’t mind – after all, we’re fine with Alton Brown’s travel food shows, and we’ve become mildly obsessed with Man v. Food (another Travel Channel show).  So really, the blame lies squarely with Bourdain, I’m afraid.  Still, I figured that maybe if I didn’t have to HEAR him, perhaps I could stomach him on paper. (more…)