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19th August
written by Steph
Not to get all Sally Field on you, but we just found out that at least one of you (or maybe more, we don't know!) nominated us for some lovely Book Blogger Appreciation Week Awards.  If you did nominate us, then you know your reasons, but for those who are curious (and haven't been reading comments), we're up for Best Collaborative Blog (don't lie... it's because we got married, right? 😉 ), and Best Literary Fiction Blog. [Updated to add that we were also notified today that we've also been nominated for Best Writing, which is really so gratifying.  Thank you!]  To say we're surprised is an understatement!  We definitely didn't see this one coming, but thank you for the support and the appreciation... in this case being nominated is really an honor in and of itself! [P.S.  New content coming soon... we just have to finish reading something, and get off our lazy butts and review some of the movies we've been watching...]