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17th August
written by Steph

First, I need to start off by apologizing for being so late to the party with this section. July was an incredibly hectic month for us over here at Steph & Tony Investigate in real life, what with getting married, so I kind of let my reading slide for a while… and then when I knew I should be picking up 2666 and tackling Part Three, I kind of just didn’t have it in me. I know, I know, I’ve been a terrible co-hostess, but thank you so much to Claire for taking one for the team and rounding up all of your thoughtful and insightful reflections on “The Part About Fate”. I think as we’re about to see, you all came up with a lot more than I did with respect to this section…

So, what to say about this section? Well, as I mentioned above, I was really dragging my heels when it came to getting around to actually reading this part, and I attribute this largely to Section Two. If you recall, I found Section Two really aimless and I didn’t get a lot out of it, and I really felt like it sapped my momentum and eagerness to keep reading 2666. If it were not for the read-along, I probably would have stopped reading after Section Two, so little was my interest in continuing this massive tomb, especially if it were more in the vein of Section Two, which really felt was impenetrable.