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11th August
written by Tony
One of the many grand houses in the historic district

One of the many grand houses in the historic district

Part 1 of our honeymoon extravaganza: Charleston, South Carolina. We had contemplated going to quite a few different places, but ultimately with the time we had (9 days) we had to rule out most places that involved long flights simply because we didn't want our honeymoon to turn into some frantic never-ending tour where we spend our entire day running around only to be exhausted at the end and never really get to slow down and enjoy ourselves. I don't remember exactly how we got turned on to Charleston (and Savannah by extension, they're too close not to see both) but I'm really glad we did. We both agree that if we could move there tomorrow, we would. Our hotel was amazing, the restaurants were delicious and flawless (Steph has a pending food post) and the city was welcoming and beautiful. It is not without merit that trip adviser has declared Charleston one of the top three cities to visit in the world, as our inaugural trip has guaranteed a return visit as soon as we can arrange it. (more…)