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3rd August
written by Steph
In 2.5 hours, does the past unravel or just get more tangled?

In 2.5 hours, does the past unravel or just get more tangled?

I’ll kick off a review by sharing a honeymoon story with you:  Tony & I were really excited to find out that the new Harry Potter movie would be premiering while we were in Charleston.  Another thing to celebrate!  I jumped online and bought us some tickets to the midnight showing at the theater closest to our hotel and then just counted down the days.  When the night finally arrived, we drove up to the theater and we were a bit confused to see that there were several police cars stationed about.  Are Charlestonians violently passionate about Harry Potter?  And what was with all the lawn-chairs that the people in line were toting about?  Surely they couldn’t have been waiting in line that long to necessitate seating!  We swiftly discovered that the movie theater had decided it would capitalize on the rabid fandom by airing the midnight showing out in the parking lot, thereby allowing them to sell an unlimited number of tickets.  Needless to say, Tony & I were not amused; I didn’t pay for full-price tickets to sit in a dirty, humid parking lot (we hadn’t known to bring chairs…) to watch the film with crummy outdoor speakers on a building wall.  So, it was with heavy hearts that we decided to bail out on the midnight showing and just catch another show the next day.  In the end, I’m glad we made the choice we did since the theater itself was really cool – it actually had a full service bar, and in the individual movie viewing rooms themselves you actually had a table in front of you and could order full meals (that someone delivered to you!).  It was definitely a new experience for us, and one I’m glad we got to have. So, onto the movie itself!  I don’t really know where to begin or how to break this all down.  I guess I’ll start by saying that this will obviously involve plot spoilers and discussion of the books and movies to-date, so if you don’t want to read that kind of stuff, you should probably not keep reading.  Also, I have A LOT of thoughts on the movie... (more…)